juice and smoothie cleanse - day 2

 DAY 2

What I've learned from others is to always plan a head when it comes to anything, like a detox or changing diets or sticking to a certain thing. Settling for just a plan b won't cut it, there should be a plan c you can be okay with. And having that soup was just what I needed.

My day two starts immediately in the kitchen whipping up breakfast, midsnacks and lunch, then I had to give the machine some rest.

My first juice to kickstart the morning was called "Strawberry Sunshine" that consisted of orange juice and strawberry purée. I made a big batch to really keep me going, and it got me to miss summer and strawberries a little. It was so good that I drank it all up before making a picture of it!

As usual, I did not manage to get up at 8AM. But who would when you're having Californication-marathons late at night with your boyfriend? (I just introduced him to it and he can't stop watching it!)
So it will be no surprise if I yet again say that I had my breakfast at noon. After that I went for my usual power walk around down, about an hour.
Came home for one of my middle snack juices that I made, ruffly 1 glass/2dl. I know I should drink a liter, but the green drinks are just so intolerable, that I rather just shot them like whiskey! Seriously, you can't make a good green juice without adding 5 pieces of fruit in it. Not with a slow juicer you can't, because everything becomes very concentrated, especially the green taste!
"Hard as Nails", this greenish monster was called, consisted of: parsnip, green bell pepper and cucumber. I think I threw a lemon in there somewhere, but don't remember. Can't say the taste was good, but down it went.

Just so you know, in between juices I try to stay hydrated with water.

For dinner I had made something called "Bumpy Road", as the name tells, it's a drink for those hard to beat cellulites. Even though many of them has disappeared since quiting dairy and most processed carbs like bread, there's still some work that can be done in that region. After the green drink this tasted heavenly, made of: beets, celery and green apples.

I think I appreciate the less is more-strategy in juices. My boyfriend on the other hand always tries to fit as much variation into one as possible which has sadly resulted in me pouring some down the sink in secret (husshhh).
I have one green juice-snack left, but around 6PM I feel fully confident to end this little thing I'm doing. Not because Peter is waving a piece of Vörtbread (December - you won't remember*), but because I'm actually getting stressed over the fruit we should eat up before we leave for Stockholm this Saturday morning.

I won't stop juicing for the rest of the week, but it just can't be the only thing I do.

All in all, almost two days is too short of a time to even talk about. I've at least let my system rest somewhat and tried a bunch of different juice recipes from a book I got years and years ago on a sale, before I even got a juicer!
Some have been good, other's have been plain want-to-throw-down-the-sink.
Oh, and if you're curious about the book,  it's called "Miracle Juices: Over 50 Juices for a Healthy Life" by Charmaine Yabsley and Amanda Cross (or "Drick för hälsa : över 50 juicer för ett friskare liv" - Swedish).
And for juicing I use my Juicepresso, which we got at Groupon and works just like a Hurom jucer! At least I'm very happy with it - if it gets stuck it's mostly my own fault.

I want to say that I personally wouldn't recommend doing an only Juice cleanse, I'd actually say do it together with smoothies, because fibers are important to push down toxins!
And I'd also say that keep a minimum of 80% of your diet being a detox itself - detox all the time! Eat lots of fresh and organic produce, and be naughty 20% of the time if you have to.

PS I have to warn about something. I barely did this for two day, and hell, I'm mostly a fruitarian, but while ending my day I noticed my teeth being extra sensitive all of a sudden when brushing them! I know it's recommended to use a straw, and I was going to buy a pack, but forgot about it while in the store. But it's just shows that juicing isn't something natural, there's a need for fibers; I've never felt this issue eating oranges, pineapples and other fruits. Also, the first day I got this weird coating in my mouth, don't know what it could have been.
Other than that I did not notice anything discomfort living on liquids.

*December is the month we'll stretch on what's healthy and what's healthy for the mind. So things like a ginger bread cookies slipping into you're mouth, nothing that will be repeated throughout the rest of the year, until December comes again ;)
Bokomslag Drick för hälsa : över 50 juicer för ett friskare liv (kartonnage) 

juice and smoothie cleanse - day 1.


The schedule said to start 8AM, but as always the bed feels a lot nicer to stay in than to actually get on and live.
Even if this was planned I had some trouble the day before to get all the ingredients I needed, missing things like Grapefruit, spinach and more lemons.

As soon as I got up close to noon I got on with the first drink of the day: Warm inflammatory detox water, containing lemon, turmeric, cayenne, ginger and some honey for sweetness. Boiling most ingredients to add lemon and honey when the water cooled down a bit to save on the c-vitamin. And for some reason I've become terrified of warming honey after reading it becomes toxic. If this is true I can't tell, but I believe it's like roosting nuts, it doesn't get better in other words.
Also popping those Ayurvedic cleansing tablets around this time.

Next step was dry brushing, shower and oil massage before the actual breakfast.
I tried researching what juice is best to start with in the morning; green- or fruit juice. Couldn't really find a great answer so I went on to relying on a book I have that recommends a fruit juice to kickstart your morning, a vegetable juice for lunch and than a fruit juice again to carb up with, and to finish with something soothing for the night.

I usually eat honeydew melon for breaky so I found a recipe similar but with added carrot, celery and ginger, and some cardamom for taste. While making my first juice of the day I found it easier to just do all the juices at the same time. I have a slow juicer so the juice can be stored up to 48-72hours before it becoming useless. Of course, it's always to drink freshly made but that would mean a lot of dishing! I'm trying to make at least one pint of every juice.

I finished juicing but couldn't really finish drinking up my breakfast before I remembered I had an appointment at 1PM. Haha, I know, breakfast at 1PM?! You can say my schedule is to hell with by this time...

Coming home about an hour later with only half a pint of morning juice you'd maybe expect me to be cranky, maybe headachy, but no. I finish it and just went straight to my lunch which has the action name "Magnificent 7" (made up with seven power greens). I wish it tasted magnificent though...
Struggling with not pouring it down the sink, I managed to get it down my throat. Except for some minor refluxes I'm still on a good mood and feeling energized! But I have a feeling of a drop coming soon, so it's good to have a fruit juice to look forward to, or even a smoothie.

Around 4PM I feel signs of a blood sugar drop, but I head on to the mat to do some light detox yoga.
Afterwards I settled for my third juice, "Spring Clean". A detox juice made of cabbage, celery and pears. I made about a liter of this one because I didn't feel like saving the cabbage, we're going away soon so most things need to be eaten or drunk in this case.
Of all vegetables I would actually put cabbage as the number one detoxifying foods - yes, over kale and broccoli. It's cheap and the list of it's benefits is to long to remember, it's just one of those foods you take for granted.

Somewhere around six o'clock I felt the avalanche. I suddenly got hungry for real and felt very under carbed. I went on to making some smoothies, putting lots of bananas and a half avocado in one of them, but nothing seemed to satisfy my cravings.
My boyfriends started looking at me like, "Why are your doing this, you don't need to starve yourself?" But that is not how I see it.

At the end I had to turn to plan c - well, actually it was my body that was craving it - some purée soup. (Note that I did not think of bread, buns, or any "real food", soup was all in my mind.)
I went on making that and suddenly felt very satisfied. At least it was puréed, and I went a whole day without eating anything solid, which is the point of a detox like this. So yes, I'm kind of proud over myself there...

I've at least learned something, and so my mission for the next day is to drink more and more calorie rich juices.

juice & smoothie cleanse.

I'm not doing it because it's a week until the holidays. I wasn't really thinking of eating things I'm not supposed to. No, Christmas is going to be a mostly raw and plant based, substituting swedish meatballs for falafels and making things from the ground. The only sneaky thing we will have is Bigos - my Polish love dish! <3 My mom is making it with meat for the taste, but Peter and I will pick them out and add some mushrooms we picked this fall. But it's basically one of my top three favorite dishes that we serve every big holiday.
But back to the cleanse!
I've never done one before, but I kind of know what to expect. And because I know myself so well, I know that at the end of the day I will be craving something more "solid", so I'm extending it to include smoothies; it's pre-chewed and will also not waste time on digestion, which is the point of doing a cleanse, to let your system rest and go on with fixing the roof. I also think fibers are actually good in a cleanse, 'cause we all know the toxins won't just flush down one way...
And why am I doing this when I know silly fasting will only fuck up my metabolism and probably even make me binge and gain weight? It's not like I'm going for a weeks cleanse, more like three days or less. But I'm utterly intrigued to see if it can in someway boost my liver cleanse, and also maybe trigger some kind of come back to having more 100% raw days. I feel as if I lost it somewhere in the middle of the winter. But maybe Decmeber is just a big ol' cheat month?
We'll see how it goes, but I won't be surprised if I quit after 1 ½ days...
I will keep a journal of it.
Have you done a cleanse, how did it go?
Will you do any before/after the Holidays?

rosehip collection.

Bought at BeautyBay last year for 264.50SEK

Before I even had the chance to write a review on this it got discontinued only to appear just before the holidays again as a perfect Christmas present!
Also, fun thing: it took it about 4 weeks to get delivered, it got stuck at customs and opened, they probably thought the strange orange liquid could have been harmful ^^

Sadly, this has been the only product/s I've tested from Pai, I would love to test more but haven't come around to do that just yet. But the vibe I get from them is that it would be a perfect brand for mothers who wants a introduction to natural skincare. Their main focus is Sensitive skin, and I for once think everyone's skin should be handled with great caution, especially mature and even acne prone skin.

There's a lot of information about Rosehip Oil and acne, and even there I never came around to do a post on it, but I wrote it up as one of my "Blog-post Ideas" (oh and that list is long!).
I bought it because at the time I've heard that Rosehip would be the #1 oil to treat acne scars, but of course if you've done your research you would know there's a chance it may even make your acne even worse and cause more scarring. Some Rosehip oils say on the packaging that they're not suitable for acneic skin. So I approached the oil with great caution.
Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil 30ml
All Skin Types
There was no second thoughts on which brand of oil I should buy, Pai's in my eyes were the most effective for they use both the common fruit seed oil but also the actual fruit extract! I haven't found another oil with both.
Rosehip oil has high levels of trans retinoic acid, in other words: vitamin A. Pai says it's supposed to supply the skin with vitamin a without causing irritation, but everyone's different. Luckily I handled it pretty well. But there's the thing with vitamin-a in the face, it' got the same effect as AHA's, it exfolliates the skin causing it to become more sensitive and dry in eccessive use. So I only applied it in the evening as a serum, and I would recommend SPF if going on a "treatmeant" like this.

Many who are not used to natural products would comment on the smell, for me it was indifferent, I actually almost liked the smell, especially of the Rosehip mask that I will come to. The funky coloring I would say to wait until the oil has settled in before going to lay down on white pillows... It may come off, but that's nothing that I had trouble with but have read in reviews.

I had the best effect with this one when combining it in my Divine Oil, 'cause then it became less drying on my skin. It hase come to it's last drops a few months ago and I can honestly say I kind of miss it and would definitely repurchase.
✔︎ Definitely saw some improvements in the complexion and especially when combining it with other oils.
✘ The clear glass bottle. And that I actually don't know if it had any affect on my acne scars, so I take the conclusion it actually did nothing.
INGREDIENTS: rosa canina (rosehip CO2) seed extract*, rosa canina (rosehip CO2) fruit extract*, mixed tocopherols (natural vitamin e)
Where to buy the cheapest: Content & BeautyBay
Rosehip BioRegenerate Face Mask 50ml
All Skin Types

The mask you can't buy alone, it only comes in this special edition, which is a little sad. Now, my three stars actually indicates that I'm clueless on what to rate it. Yeah, even after a year... But to be fair it should say 3.5 Stars.
But I think it's got to do with the fact it's a limited edition, and for that I have used it sparingly - even though everything from Pai should be consumed withing six months... But I was really unsure it would actually come back, and what if I liked it?
I must comment on the smell of this one, it smells just like Play Dough! And almost looks like it! The consistency is a bit stiff, but soft enough to melt on the skin for easy application, but it's not like most masks you're used to.
The mask is supposed to deeply hydrate and condition the skin to leave it beautifully soft and supple. Does it do this? I'm still on the fence on the last two things (if you don't scrub beforehand it won't leave your skin soft), but it definitely is one of my most hydrating masks I have and my favorite!
✔︎ Very hydrating, smells good, has "Lactobacillus Ferment" which I think is a fun ingredient.
✘ Again, comes in clear glass, doesn't really have an effect on the skin that you would see immediately after taking it off.
INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Glycerin*, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil*, Rosa Canina Seed Extract*, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil*, Prunus Domestica Seed Oil*, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Kaolin, Lactobacillus Ferment, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract*, Sodium Levulinate, Glyceryl Caprylate, Sodium Anisate, Lactic Acid, Tocopherol, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract*
Pai Organic Muslin Cloth
Personally: Not for sensitive skin
All I can say I've had better and softer. This one is a bit abrasive for my skin, and I wouldn't really recommend it to any having sensitive or acneic skin.
Made from 100% unbleached organic muslin cotton.
As of Christmas 2014 Pai has revamped the Rosehip Face Mask changing somewhat the ingredients. It's now called Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask and comes in a tube of 75ml.
The mask is still limited edition and is only available through purchasing the Rosehip Christmas Collection.
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