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Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender
If you are some kind of rawfoodist, you are pretty much bound to be wanting either a VitaMix or a Blendec, or any powerful blender for about 5000SEK!
Like, is it really worth it? I really hope so. I'm constantly having problems with my (very) cheap blender not making my Glowing Green Smoothie actually smooth. And I would love to make pure soups actually pureed and not chopped.
I've gone back and forth on should I get the Blendtec or the Vitamix?
Blendec's are small, powerful, looks like they come from the future, but they miss a vital thing, a tamper.
Then you may think, if it is so powerful, why would it need a tamper? No idea, but I've even made my own tamper to my cheapo and it has made such a difference that I'm convinced it's needed no matter how powerful a blender is. There's nothing worse than opening the cap, push down what's stuck, go full blast to open it again, and repeat several times! Or trying to shake the machine because you're too lazy to do it all.
And with the new generation of VitaMix, I feel like the decision has been made.
My dream blender would be VitaMix Professional Series 750. I never liked the long and tall container, and this one is shorter to fit under your kitchen cabinets, but contains the same amount, 64oz. It's also supposed to be 40% more quiet than previous models! Which is really good news for I have tremendous good hearing, and my cheap blender makes the most scrachiest sound ever... feels like I'm dying. And who doesn't love pre-set programs? This one comes with five for: smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, purees and wash.
Now, there's no primary date on when this bad boy will hit Europe. I've contacted rawfoodshop.se if they knew anything, which they unfortunatly didn't. I've contacted VitaMix, no answer yet - so stay tuned!
Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender
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Elisabeth wrote @ 17:31:38

Förstår verkligen att du är sugen på den mixern, har också läst mycket gott om dem och verkar som de flesta ändå tycker att de klart är värda sitt pris.
Jag har inte själv riktigt kommit igång ännu med att göra hemmagjorda gröna smoothiesar men skulle verkligen vilja börja då man läst så mycket gott om dem. De gånger då jag gör puresoppa eller smoothiesar använder jag mig av min stavmixer, som funkar helt okej men som såklart inte ger ett helt slätt resultat, men den får duga tillsvidare. :)

Svar: Använder också stavmixer (dock bara på helger då den är i vårt "andra hem" så att säga), men tycker ändå den inte ger det resultat jag vill ha :/ Haha eller så använder jag för mycket vatten, vem vet... måste experimentera mer!