summer 2013

July is over, and kind of summer too... I decided not to blog this whole summer and just check in on comments once in a while. Our internet connection is pretty unstable in our summer cottage, and well, I wish every blogger would take a month's break in July. It's good to concentrate on the now, than reporting back to everyone. These pictures below was taken the last day, otherwise I hope you've followed me on instagram, and that you had just as an amazing summer as I did!
Our slow-press juicer finally arrived, and the last week's breakfasts was filled with a green morning sips.
I was without nail polish most of the time, but these two are my favorites: Strawberry Margarita and Samoan Sand
Phoebe, who's been indoors all her life adjusted quite nicely to her new outdoors life.
Our terrace was filled with different herbs and vegetables.
A little late in planting these, but this weekend we can now enjoy fresh spinach, kale, arugula and black tomatoes.
We totally failed in strawberry farming. Bought a set of white/pineapple strawberries and a pair of red with beautiful pink flowers.
Only one whitey survived and the three first red ones got eaten (probably) by a badger.
Almost every lunch we shared a whole watermelon or we did bananas with date paste (recipe will be up!).
Last year we ate lots of ice cream (and no wonder my skin was terrible!) this year I made some natural Popsicles (recipe will come soon).


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