Before going on vacation I saw a Groupon deal on a slow juicer. We've had our eyes on this Hurom juicer, but also wanted to await the latest model 07. But most of all I liked the sleek design.
The Groupon deal was on a similar but of course cheaper version. I did all my research and found it at same price-setting as a Hurom (~$399). The funny thing with these vertical masticating juicers is that all the parts are made by the same manufacturer. That means that you could have a Juicepresso and a Hurom/Omega Juicer switch parts and still working. And because of this I made the decision to hit that deal and paying only 1799 SEK!
Everything looked fine, but of course Groupon couldn't deliver in time; they said to deliver in 10 days, but it went to be a whole 2 months!
 Anyway, we got our baby and we couldn't be happier with it! It can be a little pulpy so we still have to strain, but that's the deal with vertical juicers I've read... That is, if you don't mind some pulpyness in your juice.
Comparing this one to mom's Philip's Centrifugal Juicer I would say that the quality of the Juicepresso is definitely like they show in the pictures - where the juice from a centrifugal is divided and the juice from a masticating is full and vibrant.
Yes, it is slower than a centrifugal that will have your juice in just seconds, but that doesn't mean it takes 30 minutes to juice. On average including cleanup, it all takes about 15 minutes (and I'm really fast in cleaning).
Having try both juicing styles I must say that it doesn't matter how easy it is to clean up, Cleaning is cleaning and it has to be done immediately before you'll even have time to taste your drink. And I'm not fond of this even if it takes a minute haha
Now, Peter and I have about three homes (Hudik/Sundvall/Summer cottage), so we'll invest in another, probably the new Hurom HU-07 in a near future. So we can enjoy freshly slow pressed juice wherever we are without having to pack this six kilo machine!


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