DIY: Sprouts

Sprouting makes it easier for our bodies to absorb and process the food, if we'd eat them raw we wouldn't get all the beneficial and it would just pass through our bodies leaving very little nutrients behind.
When talking about super foods, sprouts isn't really something to be first mentioned. But they are in fact one, if not the most, nutritious foods out there and it's so easy to make your own!
When first starting eating clean I thought I'd have to give up my precious Quinoa ('cause cooking is not allowed), and I had just bought a pack of Millet. Luckily I found out that all seeds and grains and legumes can be sprouted, and what more, they will be even more nutritious containing all the enzymes that would be ruined if cooked.
Since then I see sprouting as cooking, only it takes a bit more time than 15 minutes, but it's all worth it!
Examples on what you can sprout (but the list is kind of endless including almonds): alfalfa, lentils, garlic, peas, oat, wheat, corn, rice and broccoli.
Quinoa and Millet is one of the fastest grains to sprout, but it all depends on your taste. Quinoa takes about 8-12h - so it's perfect to just lay it in water over night - to 1-3 days depending on how long you want the tails to be. I personally like them at 1 1/2 days when the tails are about 5mm long.
Then we have lentils which are high in protein, which takes almost up to a week to sprout, but you can eat them as soon as the tail come out, they are really crunchy and are probably my favorites.
Any type of food that can sprout (check out links below)
A bowl or a Sprouting devise/jar (I bought mine at my local garden shop)
Earth (Optional)
There's a few ways to sprout, but I do it the rinse and dry-way, and if you've bought a sprouting devise it will probably also come with directions.
First off, I put the sprouts in a bowl with cool water (~21°C) and let them sit over night. Then I rinse and let them dry - you can by now eat them if you are impatient. The first two days they should be covered in darkness. And every 3-8h or so rinse and let them dry, and repeat that process until they start showing their tails and harvest when you feel like it. You can always taste one and see.
If you'd like to go pro you can after two days of soaking the seeds plant them and let them grow into grass. This will give you a bigger harvest too. I haven't tried this yet so I'll just direct you to some sprouting sites down below.
Sprouts - A DIY Superfood


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