Raw Gaia Review pt.1

 I've now had a try-period of 2 months with Raw Gaia and I must say I liked it a lot!
I could definitely see myself buying all of the moisturizers, the Floral, the MSM cream and the MSM spray, but the one that stood out the most and just felt amazing on my skin was the Hemp Heaven!
With all of these creams, a little goes a long way, which is always a plus!
On days when I felt more oily the MSM Beauty Spray was perfect, though it wasn't as lasting, in terms of economics, as the solid moisturizers, and took some getting used to in how to use and how much.
The same was with the Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray. I'm still not sure if I've used this one right, but I know my skin is in love with it! Right in this moment it's the best natural cleanser for the morning I've ever used! I haven't/couldn't test it at night for I feel like oil-based cleansers don't take the make up off completely - I'm very picky at night.
The Floral Rejuvenating Cream I would say felt very much the same as the Hemp Heaven, only slightly thicker. I manly used this one at night and alternated with the MSM Beauty Cream. The MSM cream is a little bit tricky, 'cause it feels very exfoliating when applied because of the MSM crystals. While with the others I had no problem applying them all over the face (and then I mean on the eyes without feeling heavy), but because of the crystals I was limited to avoid the eye area. Also I got very confused between the Beauty Cream and the MSM Beauty Scrub, they felt the same for me. Although, the scrub seemed even better ingredient-wise, so it wasn't unusual for me to actually use the scrub as a leave-on night cream!
Right now I'm on a tight budget and can't allow myself to buy any more skincare before using up all that I have.
I wouldn't mind owning just about everything that I've mentioned in this post to use in different occasions/seasons, but when I've used up all my cleansers and moisturizers I will probably place an order for the Hemp Heaven and the Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray. Those two were my absolute can't-live-without-favorites. And because the ingredients are so raw and 100% natural, maybe it's a placebo effect, but when reading up on the ingredients I just think I see the difference!
You can buy Raw Gaia on their site or here in Sweden:

DIY: Sprouts

Sprouting makes it easier for our bodies to absorb and process the food, if we'd eat them raw we wouldn't get all the beneficial and it would just pass through our bodies leaving very little nutrients behind.
When talking about super foods, sprouts isn't really something to be first mentioned. But they are in fact one, if not the most, nutritious foods out there and it's so easy to make your own!
When first starting eating clean I thought I'd have to give up my precious Quinoa ('cause cooking is not allowed), and I had just bought a pack of Millet. Luckily I found out that all seeds and grains and legumes can be sprouted, and what more, they will be even more nutritious containing all the enzymes that would be ruined if cooked.
Since then I see sprouting as cooking, only it takes a bit more time than 15 minutes, but it's all worth it!
Examples on what you can sprout (but the list is kind of endless including almonds): alfalfa, lentils, garlic, peas, oat, wheat, corn, rice and broccoli.
Quinoa and Millet is one of the fastest grains to sprout, but it all depends on your taste. Quinoa takes about 8-12h - so it's perfect to just lay it in water over night - to 1-3 days depending on how long you want the tails to be. I personally like them at 1 1/2 days when the tails are about 5mm long.
Then we have lentils which are high in protein, which takes almost up to a week to sprout, but you can eat them as soon as the tail come out, they are really crunchy and are probably my favorites.
Any type of food that can sprout (check out links below)
A bowl or a Sprouting devise/jar (I bought mine at my local garden shop)
Earth (Optional)
There's a few ways to sprout, but I do it the rinse and dry-way, and if you've bought a sprouting devise it will probably also come with directions.
First off, I put the sprouts in a bowl with cool water (~21°C) and let them sit over night. Then I rinse and let them dry - you can by now eat them if you are impatient. The first two days they should be covered in darkness. And every 3-8h or so rinse and let them dry, and repeat that process until they start showing their tails and harvest when you feel like it. You can always taste one and see.
If you'd like to go pro you can after two days of soaking the seeds plant them and let them grow into grass. This will give you a bigger harvest too. I haven't tried this yet so I'll just direct you to some sprouting sites down below.
Sprouts - A DIY Superfood

want it.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender
If you are some kind of rawfoodist, you are pretty much bound to be wanting either a VitaMix or a Blendec, or any powerful blender for about 5000SEK!
Like, is it really worth it? I really hope so. I'm constantly having problems with my (very) cheap blender not making my Glowing Green Smoothie actually smooth. And I would love to make pure soups actually pureed and not chopped.
I've gone back and forth on should I get the Blendtec or the Vitamix?
Blendec's are small, powerful, looks like they come from the future, but they miss a vital thing, a tamper.
Then you may think, if it is so powerful, why would it need a tamper? No idea, but I've even made my own tamper to my cheapo and it has made such a difference that I'm convinced it's needed no matter how powerful a blender is. There's nothing worse than opening the cap, push down what's stuck, go full blast to open it again, and repeat several times! Or trying to shake the machine because you're too lazy to do it all.
And with the new generation of VitaMix, I feel like the decision has been made.
My dream blender would be VitaMix Professional Series 750. I never liked the long and tall container, and this one is shorter to fit under your kitchen cabinets, but contains the same amount, 64oz. It's also supposed to be 40% more quiet than previous models! Which is really good news for I have tremendous good hearing, and my cheap blender makes the most scrachiest sound ever... feels like I'm dying. And who doesn't love pre-set programs? This one comes with five for: smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, purees and wash.
Now, there's no primary date on when this bad boy will hit Europe. I've contacted rawfoodshop.se if they knew anything, which they unfortunatly didn't. I've contacted VitaMix, no answer yet - so stay tuned!
Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender
pics via williams-sonoma

banana bread.

Who said you can't have cravings on a raw diet?!
I wouldn't go completely on attack here and say the diet is faulty, there's just something about Bread as there is about Mary...
Here's a really sweet delicious simple bread recipe, it's GLUTEN-free, DAIRY-free, EGG-free and if you want, you can also make it SUGAR-free! I sadly had some white sugar left so I used it up for this one, but now I have no refined sugar to turn to in this house!
3-4 ripe bananas
1/2 cup coconut sugar (or any sweetener of choice, can use less)
4 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar or extract
2 cups gluten-free flour (I used a buckwheat mix)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

1. Pre-heat the oven to 350°F/175°C. Grease a 8x4" loaf pan or not if you have a non-stick.

2. Mash the bananas with a fork in a large bowl.

3. Add the sugar, vanilla, and water and mix well.

4. In a medium bowl mix the flour, baking powder and salt together.

5. Pour the flour mixture into the bananas. mix well (if you want to add nuts, seeds, choco chips, or carob chips, nows the time to do so).

6. Pour batter into the prepared loaf pan.

7. Bake for 55-65 minutes or until toothpick inserted into the bread comes out clean. Let the bread cool completly before slicing.
And for this I also made some Chia Jam, which this beautiful girl that I found today can show you how to make!
Enjoy and don't forget to pin it and share (button on the left)!


I know of many who's stopped with a diet because they were experiencing discomfort. They think, "Oh, this is not for me."
That thought did only pop up in my head during the first week of going raw, and I will tell you why I kept on going and how that thought never came by the second time, the third time, or the fourth time.
Okay, so we went cold turkey, Peter and I. I felt that there was no time to be wasted with my acne. I've cut out dairy, I've cut out gluten, what more was there to cut out and what was there to eat now?!
 I felt like I was going vegan anyway, so why not go all the way.

On the third day of going 100% raw we started to feel pain in our stomachs. Constant pain. Like there's a hole or you're being eaten from.
On the fourth day I thought I was going to Die. I had flu-like symptoms, and any doctor would probably tell me to go back to eating like I used to. I was fatigued, still constant pain in my stomach, headache, high temperature and freezing with no reason.
The only thing I could do that day was to sleep it all away. Luckily Peter didn't experience the detox on my level, but he still had to go around feeling "hungry" - which we later found out that the pain in our tummy weren't really hunger.
At this point Peter came to me and asked, "maybe this is not for you?" And while laying there in bed sick on a beautiful day, I almost believed it.
Until I took out my phone and started researching. I knew about the detoxes, but apparently not enough.
First site I came across and started reading was "What Symptoms to Expect When You Improve Your Diet (or Start Fasting)" by Dr. Stanley S. Bass.
It was then and there I decided to keep going for my health. If I'm experiencing this much discomfort, I must have lived in a very very sick house, and that I don't want to do!
"House" is what Dr Bass describes the body. And by giving your house the perfect tools for cleaning, it won't waste any time but go straight to it! Fixing that leakage that's been bugging so many years. Oh, and that squeaky door that makes a terrible sound!
"Let's get going till the job is done - till we have a beautiful house - and from there on we'll keep it a beautiful ideal model house."
All that garbage your body was trying to hide to save you is coming out, so for a while you will have a toxic body, but it must come out of the closet in order to get thrown away.
It took me about two days to recover, and I've never felt better. I've had a few detoxes like that since then but nothing that extreme, mostly tiredness, constipation. Your body does frequent detoxes, and depending on how much build up you have, it can last up to years in waves. Some don't even detox the first year, and then suddenly, they don't know where it comes from.
It's a bit dangerous thinking that every little discomfort is a detox, but in my experience it always is.
Being sick from a virus is a detox of your body trying to get rid of the virus. Constipation is a detox followed by your body trying to fix the road. Diarrhea is a quick detox for your body to get rid of unwanted fluids or build ups. Oh, and when you've been alcohol poisoned, your body's first reaction is to get it out of you as quick as possible, any way possible.
And what I've learned about this is that menstrual pain is also a detox, and therefor not natural in any way - which I will do a post on in the future.
Do I regret going cold turkey? In my case no.
But I've read of people almost literately almost dying (take Ashton Kutcher eg). So if you know you have some serious health issues or have had then you should ease into a plant based diet, try replacing only your breakfast with raw food in he beginning. Fruits and greens are very powerful and alkalizing foods, and they will find what ever toxic waste you have in your body, bring it up to the surface and eliminate it on sight.
I actually am thankful for going cold turkey, and reading that article, I felt so much more in tuned with my body than ever before! It's like I got better understanding of the situation, and I will never take my body for granted and always listen to it.
I hope I didn't scare you away from a raw food diet, I mostly hope I shed some light and understanding to what happens in the body when you give it the right tools. Good wood, builds strong houses. I say it's better to always use good tools and fix the problem immediately, than be stuck with cheap fabric that won't last long. And "do it again, do it right" isn't always that much fun you know.
Now when I detox I embrace it. I truly am liking the feeling. 'Cause that means I'm fixing a problem, and making it work even better.
Another article that helped me very much: http://rawschool.com/about-nora/

Metaboost Drink

After reading about the energizing and alkalizing effects of ACV I one morning tried it for myself. I never thought I'd actually like the taste of ACV, and yes it burns your throat, but only the first sip. After a few times I really could say that it "woke me up". And it is such a great substitute for my regular detox tea that I actually don't like the taste of.
Later I found this recipe, tried it, and fell in love! Now I have it every single morning right after I wake up.
Recipe taken from jessicasepel.com:

Serves 1

  • 1 cup filtered water
  • 1-2 piece of  fresh ginger skinned and finely grated – ginger helps detoxify the body and aids digestion
  • juice of 1 whole lemon – lemon is high in vitamin C & acts as a cleansing agent for the liver
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar – alkalizes your body and acts as a digestive cleanser
  • dash of ground cinnamon – stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • great dash of cayenne pepper – powerful anti-inflammatory and cleanser
  • 1 or 2 tsp of raw honey/stevia
Mix all the ingredients in a cup and enjoy!
Add all the ingredients to warm water - although wouldn't recommend it if you want the beneficial vitamin C which is very sensitive to heat.
I also add a little dash of the greatly beneficial Turmeric to my drink.
- I did not have Cayenne pepper at home and I forgot the honey in the picture, otherwise I use raw Buckwheat Honey to this drink which is the next best thing after Manuka Honey.

B/A & What I Eat

 What I eat in a day | RV-edition!

I posted a before and after photo a few days ago on Instagram, and I got some negative feelings from my loved ones, that I was too skinny, that I must have a problem. They saw right through my abs, which I think is unbelievable - because they are like rock solid and always there! Even after a 2 kilo watermelon meal!
And that is what I wanted to show off, my hard work. Instead they consentrated on my ribs, which I can't do much about, I've always been skinny upwards and heavier on my thighs and butt.
You will get toned on this diet, but it won't give you automatic muscles. I started lifting weights a month ago, and from there my muscles grew! I try doing some kind of sweaty activity at least twenty minutes a day, more than thirty I feel is too long. haha

Well, so I thought I'd share with you my daily meals.
But okay, I wouldn't necessary eat this all. 3kg melon, 1.5kg oranges and 1kg bananas (which are my staples right now) make up for 2250kcal alone. But this is just an indication of what I would snack on throughout the day and that it all makes up to over 2000kcal. I haven't gained or lost any weight in 2 months, I have tons of energy and focus, even though I'm underweight! (BMI ~17)

Last time I was this skinny, I was in no way this toned. I had no energy, would sleep through most days, my mood was always awful, I was depressed, and I would live on 1000kcal or below to maintain my weight, and was terrified going above or gaining weight. Now I feel healthy, I look healthy, there's only joy and gratefulness in my life, I have the body nature designed for us.

You must know, I did not go into raw foods to lose weight, I was actually pretty happy with my stable weight of four years. I would say I was fit back then, but in no way as toned as I am now. And who would've known the fat I was carrying were toxins, and that they would build up eventually, and maybe in my 30's I would be chubby and don't know what happened!

I turned to raw foods for my acne, nothing else has helped me as much as a piece of fruit. It's still not perfect, but at often times, the things that made us go on the raw foods diet in the first place will also be the one that takes the longest to heal. I've abused my body with accutane and antibiotics, with meat and dairy, and I don't expect to see overnight changes.

I have a better understanding of my body, the earth and life now. I don't feel so stressed about anything anymore. Not the way I used to. I can never see myself going back to the food I used to eat, not in a daily basis at least.
It's crayfish season now, and if I feel like eating it I will, without feeling "bad" afterwards. Because I know it's only once a year - and I try buying Swedish crayfish.
As much I choose to eat like this I also have no choice. If I go back I will probably get my cystic acne back, and I rather eat fruits the rest of my life than eat a typical meal with flavor explosion that will break out my face.
And where are my greens you may ask?
I don't believe in them (as in they were made to be consumed by humans) and see them just as a supplement. They are too nutritious to be ignored though, therefore I juice them or make green smoothies.
I can't be bother to chew through a big bowl of tasteless salad. It hurts my teeth and jaw, and since my taste buds been adjusted I get physically ill when I sprinkle on salad dressing, even if it's just lemon! My mood goes down, because there's nothing worse than a disgusting dinner to end the day with. In worst case scenario I will make a fruit dressing or just eat it with berries, but it is not my preferred choice of consuming vegetables.
But let say we lived without knowledge, that the greens pack high in nutrition, would you still eat it? Probably not. I'd stick to the nightshade fruits instead.
Nuts, seeds and oil?
I keep them in moderation. 1 Brazil nut for selenium 3-4 times a week at max. Oils are refined, better to eat fatty fruits or nuts than eat a refined oil. Seeds I often forget about, none of the above actually feels like something naturally occurring in the human diet. Nuts are sold year around, but the only time we would have access to them is in the fall. Yet, the ones that are sold is not fresh. I've had fresh nuts, and they are delicious and more watery. And the whole soaking-thingy just gets to my nerve. I want fast food, I can't be bothered to plan 24 hours ahead.
I stopped making frequent raw pies and crisp bread because I realized I was consuming +60% fat, which s not healthy! On my truly raw days I consume about 3-6% fat, and feel great. I've never felt any blood sugar problems.
Mother Nature had it all made for us, but we slipped away...
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


 Before going on vacation I saw a Groupon deal on a slow juicer. We've had our eyes on this Hurom juicer, but also wanted to await the latest model 07. But most of all I liked the sleek design.
The Groupon deal was on a similar but of course cheaper version. I did all my research and found it at same price-setting as a Hurom (~$399). The funny thing with these vertical masticating juicers is that all the parts are made by the same manufacturer. That means that you could have a Juicepresso and a Hurom/Omega Juicer switch parts and still working. And because of this I made the decision to hit that deal and paying only 1799 SEK!
Everything looked fine, but of course Groupon couldn't deliver in time; they said to deliver in 10 days, but it went to be a whole 2 months!
 Anyway, we got our baby and we couldn't be happier with it! It can be a little pulpy so we still have to strain, but that's the deal with vertical juicers I've read... That is, if you don't mind some pulpyness in your juice.
Comparing this one to mom's Philip's Centrifugal Juicer I would say that the quality of the Juicepresso is definitely like they show in the pictures - where the juice from a centrifugal is divided and the juice from a masticating is full and vibrant.
Yes, it is slower than a centrifugal that will have your juice in just seconds, but that doesn't mean it takes 30 minutes to juice. On average including cleanup, it all takes about 15 minutes (and I'm really fast in cleaning).
Having try both juicing styles I must say that it doesn't matter how easy it is to clean up, Cleaning is cleaning and it has to be done immediately before you'll even have time to taste your drink. And I'm not fond of this even if it takes a minute haha
Now, Peter and I have about three homes (Hudik/Sundvall/Summer cottage), so we'll invest in another, probably the new Hurom HU-07 in a near future. So we can enjoy freshly slow pressed juice wherever we are without having to pack this six kilo machine!

iHerb order - summer edition

While ago on vacation I got a package from iHerb and here's what I got:
Navitas Naturals Coconut Sugar - Fell into the Agave-trap and haven't really come accustomed to stevia yet, so I'm trying out coconut sugar as an alternative. But to be honest, while on the raw diet I haven't found an excuse to use any sweeteners but dates!
Sunfood Red Maca Powder - It's supposed to help with balancing hormones and body. I feel that my hormones are still out of wack and hoped this supplement could help. Unfortunately it tastes awful. Really. Ridiculously. Awful. The recommended dosage is 1 tablespoon, I've tried as little as a teaspoon or less and still I can taste it. It takes over everything! So I don't know really what to do with it when it makes my stomach make a back-bend... I will try making these though and maybe a bit more low-fat.
Now Foods Nutritional Yeast - My new addiction! I use this mainly in dressings and spread it over salads. A way of taking B12 without taking it as a "supplement". It gives a cheesy taste in pesto too!
Nubian Heritage African Black Soap - Now, hold it, I must admit, I haven't had the most perfect skin in about over a month now. I can't figure out if it's the summer heat, hormonal imbalance or just plain detox. What I do know is that it's not acne per say, but it does bother me to a point. I've heard many things about the black soap and with a pricetag of $3.37 I couldn't really say no. Did it help? Not really. Luckily it didn't get worse either. Now I use it for hands and shaving.
EcoTools EcoPouf Dual Cleansing Pad - It's cheap, it's Eco-friendly, it's dual and we needed something to wash ourselves in the shower in our summer cottage. I am liking it so much, that when the ones we got at home starts falling apart I will re-buy!
Sierra Bees Vanilla Lip Balm - If you go under freebies you'll find a bunch of stuff one of which will be lip balms. I choose the vanilla balm, that doesn't taste or smell much of vanilla but I like that it's all natural and doesn't use castor oil... and it's free!

Have you tried any of the things I bought, your thoughts?
Any purchases lately that you'd wanna tell me about?
Tell me in the comments below!
If you're thinking about shopping at iHerb and it's your first time I recommend you use this code: HWT271
It will give you $10 more to shop for on orders over $40 and up, or $5 off on smaller orders!
- If you live in Sweden I recommend staying below $45 (~300kr) to get away with customs!

Carrot Popsicle & Sweet Bananas

summer 2013

July is over, and kind of summer too... I decided not to blog this whole summer and just check in on comments once in a while. Our internet connection is pretty unstable in our summer cottage, and well, I wish every blogger would take a month's break in July. It's good to concentrate on the now, than reporting back to everyone. These pictures below was taken the last day, otherwise I hope you've followed me on instagram, and that you had just as an amazing summer as I did!
Our slow-press juicer finally arrived, and the last week's breakfasts was filled with a green morning sips.
I was without nail polish most of the time, but these two are my favorites: Strawberry Margarita and Samoan Sand
Phoebe, who's been indoors all her life adjusted quite nicely to her new outdoors life.
Our terrace was filled with different herbs and vegetables.
A little late in planting these, but this weekend we can now enjoy fresh spinach, kale, arugula and black tomatoes.
We totally failed in strawberry farming. Bought a set of white/pineapple strawberries and a pair of red with beautiful pink flowers.
Only one whitey survived and the three first red ones got eaten (probably) by a badger.
Almost every lunch we shared a whole watermelon or we did bananas with date paste (recipe will be up!).
Last year we ate lots of ice cream (and no wonder my skin was terrible!) this year I made some natural Popsicles (recipe will come soon).