fully raw.

I was just researching on YouTube on Juicing when I suddenly found myself at FullyRaw Kristina's channel. Her diet fascinates me, it goes against everything I've read so far on how and what you're supposed to eat. The question that popped up while going through her videos was: Can you live on a diet of only fruits, nuts and veggies? Can it even be healthier than any other diets?
The answer is simple and it's kind of logic when you think of it.
I've always looked at eating raw like it's only for temporary weight loss, detox and nothing you could live on a normal day-to-day basis. And don't get me started on the expenses! But the more I look into it the more possible it seems to be, it's just a matter of compensations.
We have to take in that Kristina owns her own company, she started it about 5 years ago, which is called Rawfully Organic and is the largest raw fruits and veggie co-op in the nations! One of the reasons she started that company was to have afford with her diet. She also seems to be living somewhere sunny where local fruits and veggies are available all year round.
The company is a beautiful idea and I wish for something similar to exist where I live, but we've checked and for the most part, we can only get local produced in the summer and only get it in our nearby grocery stores not as some local farmers market which would be more fun.
Peter is also intrigued by this diet, and either way it felt like we were going towards this direction anyways. We really want to grow our own crops and be self provided and just be as natural and happy as we can be. However, we are not looking at going fully raw here, but more of incorporate it further into our lives; to eat at least 50-80% raw everyday. I think it's called High Raw Vegan, although meat such as chicken and fish will occur in our diet.
Another fascinating thing was Kristina's story on how her eyes changed color, from a dark brown to almost blue by her raw diet. It really says itself how important diet is and how much it effects our body from the inside to the outside!
Eating Raw sounds expensive, and it is and also isn't. I've thought long and hard about it and come to the conclusion that it's all about compensation, and most of it comes naturally. For example, Kristina talks a lot about how you won't need to spend money on medical bills because (depending on your sickness) thanks to the raw diet you will be "cured". Veggies aren't that expensive if you think about it, it's cheaper than a bag of chicken fillets. Eating home instead of going out to eat (lunch) can save you just half the price for two persons. And everyone can grow something at home, whether it's oregano or some pea sprouts, You can do it! And I will tell you another thing, Food is the best skincare of them all! When you feed your body colorful foods it will show in your skin, so say goodbye to expensive skincare, you won't need them! And suddenly you've got all this money to buy delicious fruits and veggies for!
 But there are some expenses in the beginning. I'm not saying that you need all of this, but if you're invested in the idea than these things can be really helpful in eating raw:
▪ Food Processor
▪ Juicer (NOT centrifugal - but it's better than none)
▪ Blender (like a VitaMix)
▪ Stick Blender
▪ Sprializer (as seen here)
▪ Food Dehydrator (like this one)
Raw food may have been nothing new to you but for me it is new in the sense that I've never have even considered it. Actually, if it weren't for my acne and going through this journey of dairy and gluten free, natural skincare, and getting involved with internal healing, it would probably take me a few years to be enlighten in this. So as much as my acne has been a curse, it has also been a cure for a healthier lifestyle which I have nothing against. I'm just thankful and will ask for more, please.

juice beauty.

This is what I got from Skin City's 70% off Juice Beauty:
Age Defying Solutions Kit:
Green Apple Cleansing Gel
Green Apple Peel Full Strength
Green Apple Age Defy Serum
Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer
Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer
+ Exfoliating Cleanser
I've been thinking about getting their Blemish Clearing Kit for a while now, but than I saw this offer that I couldn't ignore! Unfortunately they did not have the Blemish kit, only the cleanser, but I thought I'd give this Age Defying kit a try instead. Made for all skin types (except sensitive skin), 20's and up and is said to be effective on hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone and texture. And that's what strike me to buy it, maybe it can help me with my acne scarring. I also threw in the Exfoliating Cleanser, 'cause it was so cheap!
What's great with this kit is that I get to try the full strength of the Apple Peel mask which I've been hearing so much about. And I've already tested it once and totally agree with the rest; I even think this one's better than REN's Glycolactic mask! Just as that one the Apple Peel mask uses AHA's but also BHA's to reveal a brighter, tighter and more radiant looking skin. It did tingle when first applied but that lasted less than 30 seconds, while REN's I did not feel anything of.
I will stop here before I do a too-soon-review. As always I will do a deeper review in a few months when I've had some proper time to test these out. All I can say so far from this week of testing I am really liking this brand!
You can still get the same products for 70% off here!
If you're looking for the Blemish Kit or any other products I can recommend WowHD which has low prices. (I've shopped twice from there buying Dermalogica)


Much has changed and evolved into further investigations and suddenly I've found myself turning almost vegan. I say Almost, because there's no way I'm stopping eating fish, shellfish, eggs and chicken, but I am considering reducing my intake.
This week I want to lift up the subject of Diet and anything surrounding it, but let's start from the beginning shall we?
As you may know I cut off dairy and gluten to see if it would help with my acne. The first month didn't go so well, I still ate yoghurt, cream cheese and other dairy only substituted it for lactose-free. But as we know, Lactose-free is still milk, and milk is what I was supposed avoid. Also I had a struggle with my cooking, I usually would prepare any type of pasta-dish with something creamy, something containing milk in other words. So when I couldn't use that my cooking became awfully tasteless and dry, I did not know what to substitute it with. I still don't know, so I've completely stop making food that needs any kind of milky sauce to it.
About three weeks ago I ate my last yoghurt breakfast, and with that I felt I could be more strict with my diet 'cause now we didn't have any dairy in our home for me to choose. First week felt dry, I went from eating a fresh bowl of fruits and yoghurt to suddenly nibble on a dry crisp bread (gluten free) with avocado and caviar, which I usually other wise would eat with the fruit bowl. Then I just felt like doing intermittent fasting every morning and just wait for lunch.
(Okay, seriously, while writing I got a mail saying that I've won a Facebook competition of 15 trail size combination pack from Raw Gaia, and I just have to like stop for a moment and dance! You can't believe how much I wanted that thing..)
So where were we? Yes, fasting. I still do that some days because it's actually good for you. Although, after getting comfortable without dairy I started eating my bowl of fruits again, just raw, with my crisp bread. I also at the time bought a blender so now I sometimes even drink a smoothie for breakfast, but I have to say that I like chewing my fruits more.
There was and still kind of is another problem, we do eat lunch out most days. Since I can't really control what's serving I basically had to avoid dishes that sounded like they were having any type of sauce to it. I even went stricter and stopped drinking coffee to our after-lunch-fika if there wasn't any other type than cow's milk to choose from. - I do still drink coffee though, but only at home with just a little of Light Soya milk for soya contains hormones too, but I can't imagine drinking black coffee.
Gluten was kind of an easier story. My main addiction was bread and pasta, but I quickly found alternatives to that. I even started baking my own bread and cookies just to have when the sugar craving comes. Although it does kind of suck if you're going out to eat, and you really have to look at the INCI when buying stuff, the same with dairy, it's almost in everything! Hiding in names that sounds good but aren't. It's a lesson, and you will sometimes come home to only find out that you can't eat it.
Peter has been utterly supportive of my restricted diet journey, or it's more Our restricted diet journey. He even makes me more passionate to find other alternatives, and I see ourselves grow more and more towards a healthier lifestyle where lots of fruits and vegetables are included. It's sad to say this but before all of this I didn't eat much fruits, and almost never any vegetables! And who knows maybe my skin problem has something to do with the lack of color. By any means, I wouldn't say we ate bad , but it lacked the proper amount of greens and fruits. Especially Peter, the only colorful thing he ate was a green apple in the morning and canned pineapple for lunch (which I introduced him to). Although, I must input that he's got some fruit allergies like red apples, bananas and other.
The thing is that the more I go into this restricted-diet-world I find my self eating more things Raw and Vegetarian, which is kind of funny with my past diet that were LCHF inspired, where I would eat much meat and any kind of fat and very little carbs. My body felt fine on that diet, but I never even considering that maybe it wasn't the best for my skin. Because this last past month where I've become more strict has really paid off. I think it's a combo of the B5 with a healthier diet, but it may also include my new skincare routine (will update it soon). But you know, skincare is such a small part in your overall skin health, much is due to diet. I won't get cocky and go off B5, not for at least a year. But what I'm hoping is that a more Raw based diet on fruits and veggies can replace supplements completely for a healthy body, mind and soul.
Hope you found this interesting and if you've got any questions, tips, tricks or want to share your diet journey do so! I would happily want to hear it!

the new w.17

Exclusive to Naturisimo is the Melvita Nectar Bright brightening range which consists of: Brightening Exfoliating Mask, Brightening Essence, Brightening Cream and UV Shield Sunscreen SPF15. Prices are between £25-£39.
Yes! Nurse is a new hand creme on beautybay.com. Besides it containing a PEG the ingredients list looks pretty all natural to me. It contains active Manuka Honey +15 which is already listed on third place, and a mix of omegas with B5 and Salicylic Acid to keep your hands soothed and moisturized. I would say it's a bit pricy for the the amount you get in the tube, 50ml 55.48SEK, but nevertheless I'm intrigued to buy!
Another new thing on Naturisimo is this volumizing dry shampoo by Ambiance. Comes in five different colors and a brush for easier application. I haven't tried colored dry shampoo, neither an all natural one. I'm actually not that happy with regular dry shampoos so it will be exciting to try this one in the future.
3 free, 4 free, 5 free and now 8 free! Jacava London is a new nail polish brand on feelunique.com. If anyone of you have tested it yet please let me know about the quality and such. Overall, judging the book by it's cover I'm not overly impressed with the packaging but also with the colours. It feels very budget, which they are not, priced at £14.50 you should expect great product.
I'm probably late in this, but a week ago I saw that Skincity had 70% off the entire range of Juice Beauty - meaning: things were no more than 200kr! They still do have a few things left and they actually refilled it a week ago so maybe it will happen again. Anyway, Juice Beauty has been a brand I've been wanting to try a long time now so I was glad to get the things I got for so much less. I will show you what I got next week though!
Have a great weekend!

targeted treatments.

Whether you get an occasional pimple or it's an everyday thing, you are probably familiar with spot-sticks.
If you're not I can shortly describe it as a blemish attacker that will treat it by killing bacteria and drying it out.
In the picture above are some of which I've tried out, and to tell you the truth most of them are rubbish and unhygienic. I won't go through brand to brand, but inform you of what to look into when choosing your secret weapon for spot treatments and which ones you should run away from.
We've all made that mistake... or am I the only one stupid enough? It took me about a week to see all the crap inside from rolling the spot-stick directly on my face. Doesn't matter if you've just cleansed your face or the product's got alcohol in it, it will trap acneic bacteria and spread it.
If you really want to use it, put some first on a tops and dab it on your affected area. Although, if you've got a lot to treat this will just waste tops.
Not all people are sensitive to this ingredient but that doesn't mean it's good for your skin; a real dermatologist would be petrified and would easily see if you've used it on your face!
Alcohol is drying to our skin and can cause itching and irritation. I've noticed that the products that contains alcohol somewhere in the beginning of the ingredient list dries and aggravates my pimple more. In fact, in most cases the pimple has gotten larger. This applies for toners and other skincare too! But there are good and bad alcohols which I've listed down below.
Good Alcohols:
Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Myristyl Alcohol, Behenyl Alcohol and vitamin based alcohols.
Bad Alcohols:
Alcohol, SD alcohol, Alcohol denat., Benzyl alcohol, Methanol, Ethanol, Isopropyl alcohol and Ethyl alcohol
Here's a short description of them all:
Salicylic Acid
Works by exfoliating and dissolving dead skin cells to unclog clogged pores. It's the most popular one ingredient to use in anti-blemish skincare, because it is affective. It has a soothing, calming effect on skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. It's a type of Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) and is naturally found in Willow bark (Salix Alba), Aloe Vera and unripe fruits and vegetables. But in most skincare it is synthesized.
Treats: both mild and severe acne.
Benzyl Peroxide
This one is a powerful chemical and treats all kinds of acneic forms (blackheads, whiteheads, cysts). It kills bacteria and is often used in combination with antibiotics when treating acne. It is very drying and can cause It can peeling and redness. You've probably seen it under the name Basiron.
It's like SA and BP had a baby, it works by drying and exfoliating the skin, and it is an all natural element that's been used for ages to treat different skin issues like dermatitis, dandruff, rosacea and warts. Sulfur will cause the skin to dry and peel, will also help reduce skin oiliness, and prevents pore blockages from forming.
This thing is a personal thing, you should always test everything once and go after what your skin likes. In my own experience of these three is that SA is okay, it won't treat the most severe acne, but helps keep your skin disinfected. BA I got prescribed once by a (ignorant) doctor and I've also used the lighter version in my younger years, it made my acne only worse and I don't endorse the usage of it, I think it is too strong and will flip your skins natural balance. Sulfur is new to me, the only form I've tested so far is the Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment (contains 5% sulfur) that despite the miss-matching color works really good and of these three I've found this one to be the most gentle and effective when used targeted. I'm actually thinking about buying the bareMinerals blemish remedy (3%) because of this, but I have another weapon...
Most spot-sticks will actually have tea tree oil in them, but they will also have alcohol in the beginning of the list. Which I have a hard time understanding when Tea Tree is both anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal and works great on its own, then why would you mix in alcohol?!
 At first when coming to know about Tea Tree Oil I bought a roller ball spot-stick from Australian Bodycare, it was pretty expensive for being only 9ml, which lasted me only a month, and it also contained Alcohol Denat. on second place. It didn't do a thing, sometimes even made my spot worse, but I felt I had to give the 100% pure oil a try, and I got to say it's working so much better!
As with all essential oils you should dilute it, or you can take a drop on a tops and dab on the pimple, or I like to use it in almost every skincare I use: pour a few drops diluted in water (opptional: Lavender/Rose) in a spray bottle and use it as a toner/facial mist through out the day; a few drops in your oil cleanser or moisturizer to keep your skin bacterial-free; use it together with other essential oils with anti-bacterial properties.

Sources to read further on:
- http://blog.skindredsoul.com/skincare-the-crucial-basics/alcohol-in-skincare-%E2%80%93-are-they-all-bad/
- http://chikii.com.au/alcohol-in-skincare/
- http://acne.about.com/od/acnetreatments/a/salicylicacid.htm
- http://acne.about.com/od/acnetreatments/a/benzoylperoxide.htm
- http://acne.about.com/od/otcacnetreatments/p/sulfur.htm

anti-blemish solution. #4

This will be a bit of an inconclusive review for I haven't used these products exclusively. When I first got them I used them for a week, then I got my Dermalogica package and started including it in my routine.
When I first started using them my face was very inflamed and bumpy after using REN's ClearCalm3, and there was a moment where I thought that natural products were not for me. I was actually only after the Repairing Acne Lotion after reading many good reviews on it, and though it could help speed up my dark-spots. The problem was that it was nowhere to be found outside of the US. Luckily I have an acquaintance living there, she couldn't find the lotion alone, but she found it in this kit and bought two of them to me.
They are all full sizes, I don't exactly remember how much it cost, but there's a similar kit on their website, although I think I paid a little less, saving on one whole product.
As soon as I got it I started off using the was and the lotion both morning and night, and the spot-stick about three times on an affected area. After a weeks of intensive use my skin was feeling very soft and more even, although I still got a pimple or two.
Four months later I'm still using the products but much less, and I actually threw away the spot-stick because of the alcohol it was useless and my spots were better left alone.
Like the other Yes To ranges, this one has a specialty which is called Lycopene. It is found in red fruits and vegetables like Watermelon and Rosehip, but Tomatoes has the highest quantity of it. Well, right after Gac which has two-thousand times more than any of the below, but is harder to find if you don't live in Southeast Asia and Northeastern Australia. - It's the thing that makes the fruit/veggie red iow.
Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps protect your skin from environmental agents that can contribute to clogged pores and breakouts, and that's why it is used in the Acne-range.
 Because of this range I've been eating more tomatoes than usual, and I promise to do a post all dedicated to this powerful antioxidant!
This one must be some kind of limited edition for this kit because I can't find this one anywhere. To describe it, it's basically the original gel cleanser and the original pore scrub made into one!
I wouldn't recommend it for someone with sensitive skin, the scrub is a bit on the rough side. And don't make the mistake to use it along your Clarisonic, just because of that I limited my use with the Clarisonic so I could do some manual scrub at the side. Is it gentle enough to use both morning and evening? If your not using anything else to scrub with I would say do it, also depending on how bad your face is, if you've got light to moderate I would stick to evenings. I do like it and I will definitely keep recommending Yes To, because their products are inexpensive and not far from being 100% natural. But with this one, it's an okay product, but I think I've found one better.
+ No SLS or foaming agent
- Can be a little too rough
So I really wanted to like this one, in many ways I saw it as my savior, getting all too much up in the cloud from too many too-good-to-be-true reviews. I used it as a serum and was the first thing I put on my face after cleansing both morning and night. It says on the packaging that you can wear it alone without a moisturizer but that didn't feel very moisturizing even for someone with oily skin. If any of you have put Aloe Vera gel on your face as a moisturizer then you know what I'm talking about! Also I probably should comment on the smell, it's a bit funky, but it goes away and I haven't had a problem with it. It is natural, without perfume, which is a good thing in my eyes.
I think it did help clear up spots and keep me blemish free, but as time went by this product didn't seem to reach my high expectations. After about a month of use I started to realize that it didn't behave well with oils or other products for that matter, it would peel off which would destroy the whole function of it. How can it work it's magic if it doesn't even stay on the skin? And then I started noticing that it would come off on its own after an hour of only having it as my moisturizer. Because of this I found myself using it less and less.
Nowadays I only use it as a spot-treatment, but I haven't seen major improvements in my scares or my acne for that matter, not like some reviewers. Although, this lotion has taught me a thing or two of what kinds of ingredients my skin likes, and after this one I've been hunting things that says: aloe vera, pomegranate, witch hazel, lycopene and ginger.
I just want to put it out there that this product isn't bad, actually, quite the opposite, but because of it's flaky consistency the whole thing just faltered for me and that's why I'm giving it a two out of five.
+ Good list of ingredients which are proven to treat acne and acne scars.
- Peels off
Filled with the same extracts as those above but with 2% Salicylic Acid and SD Alcohol among the first ingredients. It is supposed to reduce the appearance of a blemish in just three days! Sometimes it did but most times it didn't. I tried it on cysts: which made it even bigger and more red. I tried it on white heads: it was already too late to treat. I tried it on developing blemish: here it would work, but only 50% of the times.
In the end I almost never saw myself reaching for it, and I'm almost certain that it would work much better without the alcohol which was just drying on my pimples.
+ Because it didn't work as claimed I can't find anything good to say
- Alcohol among the first ingredients

the new w.16

So I faultered with the "sunday sum". I was kind of sure it would happen, I just know myself. But I still want to do something similar, because inbetween weeks I get these news mails and I just want to share them. So I'm renaming this thing to just "the new", but it doesn't have to nessesarly be a New Thing everytime. And I will likely be posting this on a Friday or in the middle of the week, because I don't blog on the weekends. I barely open my computer... Okay I do, but that is just to watch the latest Community!
Naturisimo just got in the french nail varnish company that's 4 Free and at least 85% natural depending on the color. I've never actually heard of this company, and they are a little bit pricey than for example Zoya (which is 5 Free fyi). But the colors and the graphics are just stunning, and I thought of letting you know some of the colors I would choose from, but I ended up wanting them all! Okay okay, if I must, the color that most speaks to me right now this moment and that I really would want to wear is Urban 14 which sadly Naturisimo hasn't got in just yet. If you're curious, here's a chart of all the colors and collection of Kure Bazaar.
I don't wear jewelry, or any type of accessories on my hands except nail polish, some times I go overboard and don't even let my poor nails rest! I think it is said that nail polish is one of the most toxic thing we do to our bodies, and with me trying to be more natural I feel as if I should really stop buying O.P.I and ESSIE and look into more natural nail polishes! And with that said I already have my eyes set on Zoya Paz; I've been looking for a bright orange for the summer and I think I found it!
So from non-toxic nail polish to some questionable. NARS just revealed their latest collaboration with Pierre Hardy; some fast Google-ing tells us he makes shoes and bags. The collection includes two limited edition blushes which are not on picture, and then six nail polish duos.
Vertebra (the first pair in the picture) is a duo I'd like to wear now for spring and summer, a beautiful coral and dusty rose!
Some late news, I believe it was last week that Monki released their redesigned webshop
Not that their old one was bad, but this one really reflects the fun with Monki and doesn't really feel like a standard webshop.
I've probably missed something but then I'll just mention it on the next  The New.
Have a nice weekend!

springtime associates.

I made my third order at Feelunique around Easter, they had 15% off your entire order and you had three free samples to choose from! I will show you what I bought this time and the second time (which I haven't even showed you yet) a little later on. But here are two of the three samples I chose from, the third was a Elemis Pro-Collagen x3 sample which I'm giving to mom.
Nuxe Dry Oil 10ml
I've been wanting this oil for ages but the hefty price has always put me off. Now, you could've gotten the shimmery one, which I wanted even more, but that you could not choose. I'm really loving this cute little bottle, and it really smells amazing! I'm probably not the only one describing the scent as a "mature frivolous french woman", or am I? But that's exactly how it smells and it feel so Me.
Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in "Petal"
It's a lot like Clinique's Precious Posy which I use, but a tiny bit lighter. The formula is really nice and reminds a lot of my favorite blush from Smashbox, all you need to do is let your brush touch the product and then swipe it off on your cheeks and it gives you a fresh and natural look. Petal is a universal color and will suit pretty much every skin color, I also like that it's a bit lighter and pink-er than what I have which makes it perfect as a "springtime blush".
If you're wondering on what kind of beautiful printed material the products are laying on it's this shirt from Lindex which I have been eying on since January and is now on SALE 2 for 1!

DIY: Deodorant

6 Tbsp Coconut Oil (not melted but not too hard either)
3 Tbsp Bicarbonate
3 Tbsp Cornstarch/Cornflour or Arrowroot Powder (for sensitive skin)
A container with a lid or a old deodorant packaging

~5 drops of Essential oils* (optional)
1 Tsp Vitamin E or Sweet Almond Oil (to soothe shaved skin)
Mix all the dry ingredients first in a bowl, then add the coconut oil with a few drops of essential oil* of your choice and mix it well. When you're done scoop it into an empty deodorant stick container or a jar of your choice and it is practically ready for use!
*Good ones to use are:
Tea Tree
● Use a small batch test before going all in, you might experience skin irritations from the cornstarch!
● Keep it in the fridge to keep it solid (especially in the summer or if you live somewhere warm) it will also give a cooling effect when applied.
Coconut Oil has antibacterial properties and is a good binder of the ingredients.
Bicarbonate acts as a natural neutralizer of bacteria and there of gets rid of the smell.
Cornstarch sucks the moisture and keeps you dry.
Essential Oils, most of them have anti-bacterial and some even anti-fungal properties like Tea Tree Oil, also they act as a natural added scent, but you do not have to add any.
I was stupid enough to not do a small batch test and I ended up wasting a lot of product because my skin did not like the cornstarch! First time I applied I felt a sticking sensation, almost like it was fretting my armpits. But for the sake of science and you guys I stuck it out a whole day to see how it worked! Besides my armpits being really red, itchy and just unhappy the self-made deo helped me stay dry and not smelly. So it does work quite well indeed! But after a day of testing I could not even touch my armpits to wash it off, and I had to lay of any deodorant for two days for them to cool down. I will though try it again with Arrowroot powder which is supposed be more gentle. The only problem is that I don't know where to buy it, but when I do find it I will come back and update you about it!
You can buy Coconut Dream which is based on the exact same recipe.
Get it at: Clear Life & Body Bazar
Have you tried this, what were your experience?
And do you know where to find arrowroot powder in Sweden, tell me in the comments below!

iHerb wishlist.

I know I said "see you next time in a DIY-post", but while scrabbling on that one I got an interesting email...
iHerb just announced that they have changed their shipping charge for Global Priority Mail from $6 (purchases under $40) to an overall flat of $4!
So with this news I thought I'd share with you some of the things that has found their way into my wish list:
COOLA Organics SPF35 Sport Mineral Sunscreen Citrus Mimosa $36
Summer's on its way and I'm scanning the place for some good natural sunscreens. COOLA Organics is a really pricey brand, but with their cool packaging that reminds me of summer and beach, I don't think I can hold myself from a splurge! Now, they do chemical sunscreens too, so you have to look where it says Mineral or PlantUV, or just look at the pricy tag.
Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Facial Mask $13.81
 This is a brand that's very interesting to me, they use Chlorella in many of their products like this one. Don't know if I've mentioned, but I do take Chlorella and I've researched it a lot, and the thought of making a Chlorella facial mask has crossed my mind actually. I do hope and I believe we'll be seeing algae put into skincare more. Acure has a descent price tag and has getting great reviews so I'm hoping to test out some in the future.
Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF30 $20.40
I've just heard that this is a good sunscreen, and as I said I want to try some out. The brand itself is a bit more expensive than Acure, but seems to be just as good. They do sell try-me-kits so maybe I'll test them out someday.
Monoi Tiare Tahiti Coconut Oil Vanilla Scented $8.28
 So most of the products I want I've seen on PinkSoFoxy's YouTube Channel (I feel like a stalker 'cause I've almost run through all of her videos, go check her out!). And this one she uses a lot in her DIY skincare, and is supposed smell amazing! They do have other scents if you're not into vanilla.
Thayers Alcohol Free Toner, Cucumber Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula $7.96
I've seen many YouTubers use this one, it's alcohol free, they have tons of other mixes like Rose Petal, but I just know my skin likes this combo best. They do sell these with alcohol too so watch out for that!
Life-Flo Pure Kukui Oil $12.89
 This is an all purpose oil, but I'm mostly after the natural sunscreen benefits of it. I'm hoping to use it this summer as a soothing moisturizer and protector of the sun.
SIbu Beauty 100% Organic Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil $23.96
Sea Buckthorn Oil is one of the active ingredients in a product I've started using for my acne (which I will tell you all about when I've had enough time to test it out). So far I'm kind of liking it, too hard to tell right now, but I'm curious to see what the actual thing mixed with other oils I'm using would have for impact on my skin, so that's why it's high on my list. Sibu sells all things Sea Buckthorn, skincare, supplements and liquids which I also would want to try out.
 Yogi Tea Skin DeTox $4.46
I'm not into tea bags actually, I always always buy tea per hectogram. But I've been hearing a lot about the Yogi tea lately, and then this Skin Detox caught my eye. If you haven't heared of them they have lots of other different tea's for like bedtime, stress relief, women's moon cycle... You get the idea. I will probably make an order on different ones.
 Desert Essence Organic Lavender Tea Tree Oil $8.74
 I've started using pure Tea Tree oil, moving away from the spot-sticks 'cause their main ingredient were alcohol and my skin didn't really react well to it. I've read that Lavender is supposed be equally good on acne and acne scars, and here you got a 2-in-1 product. It's that simple.
Dessert Essence does a lot of other things too, I want to test their haircare line, supposed to smell delicious and be free from all kinds of nasties like SLS, silicones, EDTA, phthalates and parabens.
So that was some of the things on my wish list at iHerb!
I would love to know what's on your iHerb wish list! Did I introduce you to some knew stuff, anything of the above you've been eying on? Tell me in the comments below!
And if you're thinking about shopping at iHerb and it's your first time I recommend you use this code: HWT271
It will give you $10 more to shop for on orders over $40 and up, or $5 off on smaller orders!
I've actually used it twice, I made Peter open an account!
*If you live in Sweden I recommend staying below $45 (~300kr) to get away from customs!

some future thoughts for future posts.

pic source unknown
I feel like such a bad blogger right now. I have tons of stuff I want to share with you, and there's some really good facts among those things! But somehow I can't seem to organize it to a flow of posts and at the same time it's like sharing my newly discovered secrets. And maybe you know how you feel about good secrets, you kind of don't want to give them away... hehe.
As you all know I'm on this natural skincare journey, and it really is just an i-land problem. The truth is that you get very tugged between commercial brands and the really simplistic DIY kind of skincare - if you feel the same, tell me how you handle it!
I read so many blogs and watch so many YouTube videos on these beauty gurus, and it all comes down to a very few who actually do the Natural as it is supposed be done. I want to be one of them. There's a lot of people who talks about natural skincare, tries it, raves about it, but I can't help to feel the ignorance in them. Okay, ignorance is the wrong way to put it. What I mean is that most people who blog about natural skincare, tries a lot of it... in the wrong way. They still try it as if there's only commercial brands to choose from.
And I admit, I kind of do or did it that way too. But I believe, and want to believe, that everyone who tries to be more eco and natural will eventually get pulled to DIY. But some blogs seems to never even consider it.
So now you've gotten a clue on where I'm going with this. I feel as if the next step in my blog is to focus more on true natural remedies that don't come in a fancy bottle with a fancy name with a cool font. I won't focus as much on the economical part of it as in the "I can make it just as good". It's all about looking at the ingredient list and getting inspired. And I don't want to give out natural skincare "tips" that I don't use myself on an everyday basis. There are so many out there just giving out tips, maybe tries it once, but don't fully incorporate it into their main routine.
There's nothing wrong in choosing to buy commercial brands, I will and I still do. It's more like baking your own bread, full control in what the organic and natural ingredients are, full freedom in testing and trying what suits you and your skin the most. It is about knowing You.
I hope this keeps you interested, and I'll see you next time in a DIY-post!

March Glossybox Sweden Unboxing

Yesterday my Glossybox arrived and I got to say that this one was a real dissapointment. Before even looking at what others got I knew it had to be 10x better than this. Which it also was.
I've always been pretty satisfied with my previous boxes and wouldn't change anything, but I knew this day would come eventually and this time I'm full of envy. Things that other subscribers got and which I'd rather get:
The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream + Nourishing Night Cream
Lip Blush från Jelly Pong Pong - I've been wanting some kind of chubby stick like for ever now!
Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash from The Body Shop
Decleor Life Radiance Flash Mask - I've been wanting to try it since Columbine mentioned it months ago!
NEW bareMinerals Ready SPF20 Foundation + Kabuki Brush - I want!
And now to what I got...
Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Shadow
Org. 109SEK
I wouldn't mind this one if others didn't get get a lip pen-stick. I really didn't need another eyeliner, especially not in black. Also, I'd rather had gotten an eye pen like the Maybelline Master Precise Liner (which I use and love) than a cream pen.
This one is a bit clumsy and I would never use black as an eyeshadow. And to use it like an eyeshadow you would need some kind of sponge blender, which this one does not come with (unlike Maybelline's Master Smokey). I will probably give it away or something 'cause I really can't find a use for it.
Uhh I sound so whiny, but we'll blame it on PMS or something...
Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active 2-in1 Make-Up Remover Gel
Org. 85SEK/200ml
This is mostly my fault. This facial wash is for oily skin, which I don't have anymore, it's more of a normal/combination skin. However, I was skeptic to anything "Garnier", but the INCI looked short (which is both good and bad) and seemed to not have any alarming nasties, so I gave it shot. There's no perfume, doesn't lather, can be used on sensitive skin and around the eyes, supposed to remove long-lasting make-up, contains Salicylic Acid.
While writing this I've used it twice, morning and evening. It has a really weird consistency because it doesn't lather up like other gel cleansers. I can say that it is very gentle, good around the eyes and does what it says, removes make-up and leaves a clean face. It did truly surprise me in how good it worked, and I was actually in the look for a cleanser gentle enough to remove my eye make-up off.

Mini Test: Because of the consistency I wondered how good it would work with a cotton pad and no water.
It didn't really work, but after trying that I almost wished they given me a milk cleanser or an eye make-up remover. I would really have enjoyed that more, 'cause I don't need more gel cleansers, already got like four to choose from!
Da Vinci Cosmetics Mineral Shimmer "Earth"
Org 169SEK
This is a brand I've never heard of and the packaging wasn't really that appealing. But the content on the other hand was really nice. I got the eyeshadow in Earth, which is a very shimmery peach/brownish color. Very sultry, I must say. I wish I could give you a swatch, but what I can say is that I'm wearing it now and it seems to still hold on after a lunch and a powerwalk! I'm not into shimmery eyeshadow, but I will try to make the most out of this one because it would be a shame not to use ut, it's so pretty. The only bad thing is the (can I say?) ugly packaging, feels kind of "B".
Trind Nail Repair
Org. 129SEK/9ml
My nails has been really brittle after this winter so I was very happy to get a nail strengthener! Until I read the instructions for this one...
It says to apply this one once a day for two weeks, and every time you reapply you must take the old one off - preferably with "Trind Nail Polish Remover", which I believe must be kinder to the nail(?).
This is my problem, I hoped it would be some kind of serum. If I use it with my current nail polish remover it will totally contradict one and other. Taking it off every single day for two weeks will make my nails more brittle! So I wished that they would've given me a gentle nail polish remover with this one, but either way I don't see the logic and I don't know if I will try it.
Smile Lab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips Sensitive
Org. 499SEK/15 strips
I haven't had the time to test these yet, but I know the perfect test bunny! I've never tried whitening strips, but I've had a pen and I've always used a whitening toothpaste until two years ago when my gums couldn't handle it no more (it made my gums really sensitive). But this is absolutely something I could try, and I will come back with an update!
I still would exchange something of the above for the Declore Flash Mask or the bareMinerals foundation anytime. But going into these beauty boxes you know that someday you won't like everything that you get. What disappointing me the most is that I can't see anyone being a bit jealous of what I got, and that's the problem. Every box should contain something of a satisfaction that not everyone got, but all did get something special that others may would want instead but what they got wasn't that bad either. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Nothing of what I got felt like an high end product, except for SmileLab which everyone got in their box.
Hoping for better satisfactory in the April box.

C/O lena

While searching for a pipette bottle here in Hudik, we stopped by a small private store that I've been wanting to check out for a while. C/O Lena sells natural remedies and beauty care. I don't know if it has come off in my blog, but lately I've been obsessed in natural skincare, "natural" as in homemade remedies. - It has gone so far that Peter sometimes tells me to talk about other stuff than beauty! But what can I say, it's like a hobby...
She did not have any pipette bottles but she was very nice and seemed to have just as much of a interest in natural beauty as I have. She was also very kind to give me some green Argiletz clay* to try on my acne.
My facial mist from Emma S. is coming to an end so I thought I'd mix my own facial mist with hydrolates. I wanted orange blossom and rosewater, unfortunately both was out of stock, although again she was very kind to give me a little sample of the orange blossom* (it smells amazing!). Then I bought lavender water because I've read it's good for acne and scars, it smells awful though.
When I got home I made my own clay mask, mixed all of the above with a few drops of tea tree oil.
I'm very happy and excited to have found a natural beauty store here in Hudik! She had a great collection of oils from Crearom and other, she also makes her own mineral make up which she sells in her own boutique and across the country. I think it's important to support the little private owned stores, so Peter and I will definitely come back for more!
If you are interested in natural beauty and live close to Hudiksvall you should really stop by C/O Lena and check out her website for more info and products.
*The orange blossom water and clay samples includes in this detox kit.

recap of the week that past.

I'm sorry for a weeks quietness! Unabashedly, it will happen again.
I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend, ate lots of candy and enjoyed some spring feeling. I self got a big Faberge egg, made homemade ice-cream, and mixed a lot of smoothies. I was also evil and took Phoebe on a ride to our cottage and made her walk on snow, which she didn't like very much. Unfortunately, I didn't make a lot of pictures, so I don't have much proof of anything of the above ever happened. But I think sometimes it's good to leave the camera alone and just live the moment.