First of all, I would recommend going up a size when buying this top; sadly I had to gamble with this one 'cause I couldn't find it in store and try it on. I'm too lazy to exchange it and don't plan on gaining weight, so I'll hold on to it. The problem is that it's pretty snug around the neck, I had a bit of a problem popping my head out, and I don't even have a big one! Disregarding the tight neck, I would say it is a pretty awesome crop top to own, especially if you like the 90's or want to go that direction.
And I just saw that it sold out at UO so my last link is pretty worthless, but you can still get it at ASOS.

right now.

Currently watching... Revenge
So I wanted to watch this series a year ago but never came to the turns to watch it until a TV3 started to show it all from the beginning, and after about two episodes I was hooked and had to show it to Peter, that shortly got involved with something that I call one of the best series of all time (with a shared place with Dexter). It's not as much the plot itself as it is the characters I'm totally crushing on, all of them. Ok, mostly Nolan... So, just finished watching the whole season one and can't wait until season two that starts this weekend! It's gone so bad I even dream about Revenge.
Totally obsessed of... beauty products
As I told you my skn hasn't recovered from the harsh summer, and maybe it's even gotten worse. And when in time of desperation I often turn to beauty products for consolation. I'm searching for all the tips and tricks that ca help me get black-bag-over-head out of my mind. So far I'm trying the Clinique-series, but would want to try out REN's skincare products, for I've read many great reviews on them. Also Dermalogica stands somewhere on the list, though I'm trying to uncover natural beauty products that uses at least 99% natural products and that's where REN stands very high.
Can't satisfy with... which nail polish to use
Maybe I've got to many colors, or too much time. In one week I've played with five different colors, my poor nails..
Must do... cut my hair
This weekend I've bought a hair-scissor and I'm hoping to use it very soon. The good thing with long hair is that you've got many tires before it's too short and unfixable. And if it all fails we have the saying, "hair grows back".
Can't get enough of... polo crop tops
Gone a little crazy with the shopping, where my three last purchases has been polo crop tops, two B/W from ASOS and another with longer arms from Cheap Monday that I will write more about later.
On repeat... The Killers - Runaways
Don't remember where I first heard this song but it's been playing on repeat for a long time now. Sadly no other song is this great on their new album.


ASOS Twist Front Top & American Apparel Jeans
Nowadays I just want to put a bag over my head; my hair is a mess and should be cut; my skin is breaking out like crazy and I've got red blemishes all over my cheeks (skin transplantation anyone?). I just don't photograph that well any more... Sorry for complaining, but if you've had acne you probably know what that does to your confidence. And with the dizziness holding on I just don't feel like myself anymore.


1. Isabel Marant Sweater 2. ASOS Ear Cuffs 3. Din Sko Leather Boot 4. Shiseido Eye Liner 5. Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio
6. Cheap Monday Leopard Jeans 7. ASOS Backpack

NYFW Favorite #2.


 If it weren't for Alexander's innovative designs this collection by 3.1 Phillip Lim would certainly win first place in my favorite's list of New York Fashion Week. I don't know how to explain it, but the the pieces seems wearable, cool and just right for spring 2013. I wouldn't mind that blue leopard blazer...

boat ride.

My boyfriend has like Asperger's when it comes to taking pictures; you have to be very detailed in how you want him to photograph. Of course I forget to tell him every time, so this was the best picture of the bunch. Plus that I'm so used to taking pictures of myself that I get a little uncomfortable and lost when someone else is behind the camera. Maybe I need to find a photographer friend?

T by Alexander Wang S/S 13.

Like last time only brighter.

NYFW Favorite #1.

via style.com
At first I can't say that I loved it. It was so different from anything else I've seen, but my love for cut outs took over and this is just taking it to the next level! I don't see many designers thinking forward and making it look good. All we've known for the past decade is to look backwards, if it's not the 90's inspired then it's the 50's, and it makes me wonder if our 20th century will ever have a style that's not copied by the past. Will we ever look back 50 years from now being proud over our style, and maybe then, copy it with a "twist"? So kudos goes to Alexander Wang for taking us to the future.

ábaton architecture hq.

Office, showroom and home to the Spanish architectural, property development and construction firm Ábaton - They live what they do.

insta weekend.

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These are probably the last weeks staying at our summer cottage before the winter comes and blocks the road. The weather was perfect for a walk in the forest in search for trumpet chanterelles but we mostly found jumbo blueberries that were delicious, and then Peter took me out for a boat ride.
Unfortunately my dizziness stays with me and I'm soon thinking about going back to the doctor 'cause I've now had this thing for a month. My doctor said to give it 1-2 weeks, but at this point I'm getting panicked again. I just want it gone, I rather have a runny nose than feeling like I've been drugged or something. I hate this feeling and it's the reason why I stopped drinking.

on it's way.

Cheap Monday Tadame Crop Back Polo Neck
ASOS | Urban Outfitters (enter code AUTM15 and get 15% off)
Back in spring, if there was one garment that caught my attention on the runway of the Stockholm MBFW it would be this crop top polo by Cheap Monday. When I was in Stockholm I made it my mission to find it but with no luck, must have already sold out or something. At first I was interested in the beige one, but seeing it being very sheer I'm not against the grey one which looks like you won't be needing nipple covers. If you're like me and can't find it anywhere in store then both ASOS and UO has it, and both offers free delivery to Sweden! And right now UO offers 15% off their entire autumn catalog! (notice I'm sticking to my "never-buy-full-price"-plan?)

midnight in morocco - for love and lemons.

via purse 'n boots
photography: zoey grossman, mode: anja konstantinova
There's something with the brand For Love & Lemons that makes my heart pound faster, and it's probably no secret that I love everything they do. My style has two opposite sides: The Scandinavian climate suppresses my bohemian side and forces me to dress more classical and practical, but inside I would love nothing more than to go around in beautiful dresses with sexy cutouts and boots– I actually L O V E cutouts and bare backs! Looking at these gorgeous pictures I can't help it to get a bit sad, I wish I could own every single garment that is shown. Sadly I can't afford it, but maybe... maybe... I will save up for a dress or a top. Christmas is coming up you know..


livet hemma
IKEA has updated their Malm bureau, giving it a foiliated/mirrored effect and will only be in a limited edition. I who love all things that just disappears or melts in the background is already hooked; I'm already looking to buy a ghost chair. But the price hurts, with it's 2995 kr, it's like 1000 kr per drawer! But maybe I can convince my boyfriend...
 MALM Byrå med 3 lådor IKEA Låda med inbyggd dämpare; fångar upp lådan i farten så att den stängs långsamt, tyst och mjukt.

mbfw sthlm s/s 13 - day tree.

 Hoping to get back as usual, here's day tree of Stockholm fashion week that I never posted. Tiger of Sweden has always been one of my favorites, and even though I will probably yearn for that white jumpsuit the collection feels very 80's and out date according to me. Other than that, looking at the NYFW I still see that we're going for a darker spring, which may have been foreseeable but also very sad. Phillip Lim's 2012 Spring RTW pastels shock is still one of the best spring collections ever made, though I kind of like his latest with a 90's vibe to it– more on that and other favorites later.
Josefin Strid
Mes Dames
Hernandéz Cornet

Tiger of Sweden

my heart is beating in a different way.

I hope you readers are still there, probably waiting for me to post something, anything. My two and a half weeks in Stockholm didn't exactly go as planned. I don't know really what to write... it's that time of the year where many get sick and get all kind of strange viruses and I happened to be one of those victims and still are. And on top of that my beloved and old friend past away this Saturday. It was very traumatic for me, for I have never experienced death. She died in my room in the arms of my mom in front of me. Seeing someone die isn't something I recommend, but I have my self to blame for I wanted her to depart at home. Now four days has past and things are starting going back to normal, coming home to Peter last night though felt different. It feels like I've been gone 2 months and even though I recognize everything I see it in a different light. Maybe it's the death of my cat or maybe I just suddenly miss my mom very much. But as in life, you can't have everything perfect. Distance exist and so do death, and leaving things behind and moving on is hard not to do. 'Cause what is really hard and takes a lot of energy is holding on to things. But letting yourself cry when you want to and grieve is very important for the process of letting go to take an action.
(1 Oct 1995 - 8 Sep 2012)
Yes, she was old, but if cancer wouldn't struck her she would still be alive and still kicking. In April when me and my boyfriend was playing cat-sitters I found small pea-size lumps on her stomach and after a visit to the doctor we found out that it was tumors which is very common for cats that's been on the pill, and because of her age they didn't want to operate but assured us she's not feeling any pain... well until the end. Nothing prepared us for how fast small lumps could grow to a size of two lungs and spread over the whole body. Before the summer she still played a lot and was very happy and unconscious of what was taking over inside of her.
When I came to Stockholm two weeks ago she had stopped playing but seeing me must have made her happy because she suddenly found some strength to walk around and talk with us. But suddenly the last week hit hard on her and she had a very hard time breathing and sleeping. And when she couldn't really walk to the sandbox and barely eat we went back and fourth in the topic of taking her to the veterinarian and end her suffering. But I couldn't, I thought she could depart in her sleep safely with us at home. She did just that, but not in her sleep. When she started to make sounds and trying to walk away from us stumbling I had a feeling that this was it, it's now happening.
This is just something I have to write, I feel that she deserves her own mini biography on my blog because no one has played such an important part in my life, and you would understand too if you knew why she came here to earth.
I remember it as if it was I who choose her because of her dot on her upper lip, but in fact she choose me and was the only kitten to come up to me and my mom and greet us. When someone dies you often remember that person as if it was perfect with no faults, but we need to face it eventually that no one's perfect and my cat had such a strong personality and stubbornness like no other. And it's not before she's gone that you realize what an impact she made on our daily chores. Like for instance, we could never have rugs or let a towel be too long on the bathroom floor before she would take the advantage to litter on it, even though the litter box was one meter away and clean. She was a bully and often ate for two, but who can blame her, she was the only child for twelve whole years until we got Phoebe. Even though she could be a pain in the ass most times, she had a special gift: she would come running by the sound of me crying. Only me. Which was necessary under my years going through school. I got her around the time I turned five, and right after that year I started going to school, the same year I would start coming home from school in tears crying and screaming that I don't want to live any more. I'd usually come home before mom who worked long hours, and my cat would be the only one comforting me, which she did in the best way she could. When ever I cried in my bed under the sheets she would often jump up, meow, and dig for me to come out of there. She would lick me and sometimes softly bite me. And this went on until I finished high school, until I stopped crying and didn't need comfort any more - at least not from her 'cause I got Peter now.
She had a big heart, and in spite of every stupid thing I did to her as a child she loved me and I loved her very much back. It feels strange to think that just a week ago she was here with us, I still imagine her lying in the balcony catching some rays of sunlight which was one of her favorite things to do. She will always and forever be deeply missed.