hit & miss.

I've been trying out these facial washes since summer and thought I could do a review on them.
Wash and Face Mask cleanser: I'm probably not the only one who has this as a favorite. I love how soft and clean the skin feels afterwards, and it really does help on preventing new blemishes rise up to the surface. I've heard people using it as a spot-control, clicking on some before bed; it is really versatile. The price and the amount you get for the money is really great. I maybe over use the mask a little bit, every other day. But especially around PMS-week I don't want to get any new spots before the old ones has healed. My only problem, because it is budget it is filled with parabens and other. So it is not my first choice, but it's a really good second one.
Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash: We bought this one at the beginning of the summer to have at our summer cottage. At first I really liked he smell, and especially how soft, hydrated and radiant it made the skin feel. But after a month or shorter the smell went from being fruity to vomit acid. Which I should've known, 'cause usually all things "grapefruit" turns into this acid smell. Right know we only use it on the weekends and often I pump twice just so we can go and buy another one fast! So sadly, no, I wouldn't recommend this wash and I won't ever buy this or other products in the Pink Grapefruit range.
 Cleanser and Exfoliator: I got this as a sample and after trying it a few months I'm still in the midst if I would really buy the full size. I'm actually not a fan of cleanser/scrub-duos, most of all because I don't use an eye makeup remover. The scent is very bubble gum, which I like, and your skin feels soft after use, but not very clean to be honest. The scrub is very fine and barely noticeable, actually, this cleanser would work so much better on the body than the face. I don't hate this cleanser, but I'm not convinced to go and buy the full size of it. I rather invest in a real facial scrub and a cleanser that is gentle enough to use on my eyes.

today's inspiration.

source unknown
 Just a month ago I cut my own hair, I took about 5cm off  and already it feels like it's grown back. Impossible, right? But I still feel like the hair is in the way, and don't get me started on the tangles; even though the tangle teezer has been a God's gift and has better the quality of my hair. The ideal haircut would be like the girl in the picture: ending around the chest, layered, with heavy bangs. So, let's see how close I can get in copying that by myself - this will probably end with me going to the hairdresser.

I ♥ fall.

On Youtube there's going on this "I love fall"-tag, and in lack of others things to do I felt like sharing some of my favorite fall stuff - even though winter just came to town.
1. Favorite Fall lip product?
I know that most people will take out their dark plum lipstick, but I don't know. First of all I don't own any dark lipsticks, second of all I kind of find them uncomfortable. I mean, the only time to put some lipstick on is when I go out, and most times when I go out it's to eat lunch, so the lipstick will probably disappear and leave a strange clownish-look on my lips which I will have to embarrassingly fix... So I will say that my favorite fall lip product is a simple lip balm. Right now I'm using Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Balm. I also like that it has SPF, which I believe in wearing all year around.

2. Favorite Fall Nail Polish?
Always around autumn I tend to wear red and darker colored nail polishes: Chanel Rouge Noir, Essie A-List, Essie Licorice, to name a few. But I also like to paint my nails in the grey OPI French Quarter for Your Thought, and sometimes I go bold with the OPI Teal the Cows Come Home. And for Christmas I always put on Dear Santa from OPI.

3. Favorite Starbucks Fall drink?
We don't have Starbuck here, but when I do want to treat myself at a coffee house I always order a Chai Latte or a Caffe Latte with flavour, anything else dissapoints me. Otherwise it's tea, lots of it; I also add some ginger and lemon to it.

4. Favorite Fall Candle?

Candles seems like an expensive uneccecity. I rarely buy scented candles, but because of the hype these days I'm tempted to. I just walked buy an Yankee Candle stand and fell in love with the scent of Winter Wonderland, which I will probably get for Christmas. Otherwise I'll stick to the cheap IKEA scented candles which smells of cinnamon and apples.

5. Favorite Fall Scarf or accessory?
Right now I'm loving my leopard scarf I got at H&M. For the terms of accessory I just like people who dare to mix fall colors into their clothing; mixing purple, bordeaux and mustard. We here in Sweden tend to wear all things black but I think fall is the perfect season for color-blocking.

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

Yeah, I'm actually terrified with everything that has "haunted" in it.

7. Favorite Halloween movie?
Don't really have one. But if TV shows counts then I will say American Horror Story, which just started it's second season!

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?
Uh, I feel like a bore, but I don't eat candy. I don't like it that much and I have sensitive gum, so whenever I eat something that's too sweet my teeth hurts. Probably just a good thing, right?

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Haven't really thought about it. If I were to ever be invited to a party I would probably dress up like... well anything that makes me put on a wig, I've always wanted to wear a wig.

10. What is your Favorite thing about Fall?
Oh, just the fresh air before it gets too cold. The colors. Kicking leaves. Feeding the ducks. The only problem I have is the loss of sun hours and that soon there will be snow.


Lindex Sweater
Just as it starts to get even colder and the snow starts to fall, I feel that I'm pretty set for the winter, especially in this sweater.
I'll just have to find some warmer tights...

the kling maxi.

Karla Midi Dress ($248) via WWW
Will probably never have an event or an occasion to wear this, but damn it, I want it in my wardrobe!

jean paul gaultier.

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My mom called me saying I've got a package to pick up in Stockholm. Weirdly enough I don't recall buying something off the internet and addressing it to my sthlm-home, but I had an idea of it being some kind of prize from a contest. And to be exact, it was the Jean Paul Gaultier for Coca Cola Light Facebook Contest. They probably gave out these beach bags to more than just me, but yeah, always fun when you win things. And the funny thing is that I don't drink Coke and especially not any light products; I have a fear of fizzy drinks and aspartame.


ASOS Polo Crop Top, Boyfriend's Cardigan, American Apparel Jeans
Not much effort put in this outfit, but I wanted to also show you the black crop top I got from ASOS.
I always get somewhat surprised seeing my stomach, it looks like I've got a four-pack going on down there. Or, I don't know. I do work out so something must be paying off, but I just think it's absurd in a way. I've always been that girl who wanted a flat stomach, not a fitted one, a flat fat-free and abs-free core. Unfortunately, I'm also that one who has like these "fat lumps" (I call them) just on my lower ribs which makes it impossible to have that perfect flat stomach of my dreams... Not even in my skinniest moments did I have it. So I will just stop complaining, accept myself; a little defined abs will do just fine.




Peter's working outside town today, and it's days like these I feel a bit alone. Lunch is the only time I go out, and the only person I eat lunch with is of course Peter. Then I'm alone again until he finishes his eight-to-five shift. We've discussed this, and we both want me to get a job or start school again, but like in life, things don't go as planned and sometimes you get stuck; things are not as easy as they seem. I'm not depressed or unhappy, I need to verify that. Life has prepared me well to these kind of situations. And it's not as much as loneliness I feel as it is the lack of having people to meet. I don't know if you get the difference. I'm used to be alone and prefer it most times, but I wouldn't mind some kind of company during the days. Even if it came from a cat, I would be so more satisfied.

beach house.

via desiretoinspire
As always, hello dream house number 6274...

new in.

H&M Gloves
So I went into H&M to look at some headwear and came out with these. I've been borrowing Peters gloves for the last month, but maybe it's time to be nice to him and give them back, 'cause I want him to still have a hand to hold. These have a smartphone feature which will really come in handy. Haha, there's nothing more painful when you have to take off your glove to check something on the phone. The drawback is that there's a 90% more chance of dropping the phone - slippery stuff.


Stopped by Lindex a week ago and this oversized knitted sweater crossed my eye. It's so similar to the the one I borred from my father-in-law - only, that one was way too big on me. So I was happy to find something more in my size and just as cozy. And lucky me I had a 25% discount on their website so now it's mine! I will probably show better and more pictures of it in upcoming 'friday, I'm in love'.


so futuristic.

ASOS polo crop top, Weekday Vintage leather skirt, H&M necklace and Chanel nail polish "rouge noir"
I have a video for you, but uh, not sure if I'm going to post it, we'll see. I'm not much for jewelry, but I'm trying. And if I must, I prefer chokers and metallic stuff, or little subtle chains.


 Today has been a beautiful cloud free day and I've spent it mostly outside, getting as much sun on me as possible. It's days like these that I feel that Autumn must be my favorite season of all.

i can do it better.

Two weeks ago I cut my own hair. It had to be done. And this is the result. Which is... no difference. I used the bend-head-up-side-down-technique and started cutting it. It gives you a similar if not the same result as when your hairdresser cuts layered. I would only recommend you doing this if you got long hair. I cut off about 5 cm, I should've taken more off, but I will wait a few months and do it it again so I don't loose the length in my hair. All-in-all I'm pretty satisfied with saving 400 kr on going to the hairdresser. I believe hairdressers are overrated and overpaid, I'm almost never satisfied with my haircut when they're done. That's maybe one good thing about having long hair, I'm not depended on cutting my hair every other month, I can kind of do whatever without showing it's uneven haha.
Maybe I should write a book on how to save money? 'Cause I would probably do the same things even if I were rich. I like the idea of "the secret millionaire"; do cheap stuff because I can even if I don't have to. And to tell you the truth, I do have afford to go to the hairdresser, but I just don't think it's worth it. It's like, why buy macrame bracelets when you can do them yourself? I'll show you someday...

new in.

Tangle Teezer and Yes To Blueberries Facial Wipes
So this is what you would find in the package from yesterday. I can say that I was more tempted on buying the Urban Decay Naked palette, but I'll leave that for the future, right now my tangles and my skin is the most bothersome. I wanted the Tangle Teezer in white, but no such colors were offered so I went with this bold orange - I'm a sucker for citrus-y colors. But on second thought maybe I should've gone with the "Disco Purple", it would flatter the second thing that I ordered which is the Yes To Blueberries facial wipes. I don't know why I suddenly felt like I needed facial towelettes, because it's somewhat an unnecessary thing to have. But maybe I just felt like pampering myself after all the things I've been through these past two months. I got to say that, concentrating on mortal stuff like skincare and fashion really helps your mind off the bad stuff, and kind of keeps you sane.
The Tangle Teezer is really a God's creation, only that this God is called Shaun P. And do I? Do I dare to say... No, I hate to say it but this brush is even better than the Mason Pearson! So if you you want to save a few bucks I would recommend you getting the TT, but if you still want to have the Rolls Royce of brushes, I recommend buying it off this site - that's where Peter bought it for me and we saved about 300-400 kr and they got all the models and colors.
Yes To is another natural skincare brand that I've uncovered. Most of their products is said to be around 99% natural, and with their fun design and cheap prices I could not resist trying them out! I've only used the wipes twice, and so far they seem to get my make up off and leave a feeling of freshness on my face. Though I haven't used wipes before so I don't really have anything to compare, but 30 wipes and for that price I will probably come back for more. I'm also planing on trying out the cucumber and tomato wipes.


Oh the happiness of picking up a package and unpacking it. But you'll have wait until tomorrow to see what I got..

want it.

Oasis Cowl Collar Belted Coat
While we're on the subject coats... this one is a nice alternative to the expencive grey one. But still, nothing I can afford at this moment.

the essentials for fall.

1. Isabel Marant sweater 2. Rut m.fl. knitted scarf 3. Korres natural nail polish in 'pastel rose' 4. ASOS leather satchel 5. DinSko leather boot 6. Cowshed Skincare Kit 7. Anglomania Gainsborough Coat
Another what-I-rather-be-wearing, but to be fair I'm kind of already wearing the things I've been wishing for, so this is more of an stuff-I-wouldn't-mind-having-in-my-closet. Ok, let's stop with the hyphens and move on to this perfect autumn coat: very pricey and unfortunately no small sizes left. It has something "je ne sais quoi" about it, or maybe it's just the beautiful Ukrainian model Cate who's working it. Sweaters is a thing I can't get enough of, mostly I'll borrow my boyfriend oversized ones, but I rather would be wearing something unique and chunky like this one from Isabel Marant. And my favorite color on knitted scarfs are all hues of red, preferably dark ones. Last year I crochet one, I love it, but maybe I should've knitted instead, 'cause it got very big and heavy on the neck.
Maybe something to do this fall? If I find the perfect hue that is.
I've started being interested in natural products, thereof my mentions like REN Skincare and such. Coming across the Greek brand Korres and saw that they do nail polishes too, being a nail polish-addict it got me thinking that maybe I should switch up to more natural stuff that benefits the nail than damage it. The Korres nail polishes are said to enrich the nails with myrrh extract, essential nutrients and vitamin B5 to keep them strong and healthy, they are also free from harsh chemicals. And right now ASOS is having a sale on them!
Cowshed is another natural skincare brand that I have on my must-try-out-list. I really love kits, they give you a good introduction to the brand, and often they last a couple of months and are perfect for traveling or having them in your purse for quick access. Skincare is always important, but somehow it gets a little more focus under the cold winter months, when the dry air and the sunny reflections from the snow can really damage your skin. So give your skin much love and care!


Boots and scarf from H&M
Sorry for the silence, to spare you the details I'll just shorten it with saying I haven't felt well these last couple of months, but I believe I'm on the road to prosperous. So here are two buys I haven't showed you. I was going for a pair of leather boots, but out of money issues and having a big discount coupon at H&M I went for these instead. They are somewhat comfy and I like that you can take the chains off if chains doesn't suit the event you're going to - I took them off when going on a funeral. And one good thing is that they are suitable in rainy weather, which with leather I always find a problem. The scarf I bought only to fill the discontent of not being able to buy me a pair of leopard loafers (boots were more necessary for fall) - also with a discount. As said before, I'm truly living up to my never-buy-anything-full-price.

want it.

Tangle Teezer
I got the Mason Pearson brush for my birthday and it has worked wonders with detangling my hair. Though, everyone who has one, probably knows it comes with a long list with instructions on things you can't expose the brush to, like heat and water (though I've seen stylist's use it with a hair dryer which is a big NO NO). Currently I'm using a simple detangling comb on my wet hair after I shower, and it has worked ok. But I've been on the search for something better that's more gentle to the hair and I think this is it. I've read many reviews, watched a lot of videos, and I believe my detangling issues are soon out the door!


Got some quick fingers and accidentally posted an empty post, that will be filled and posted tomorrow; sorry for that, took it down now. Don't know where my week flew by, but I have a feeling I spent it on making beauty-shopping-lists haha. And well, there was a funeral to attend and some things to do at the cottage before we close it down for the winter. So long I've enjoyed the more chilled days, as long as they've been filled with sunbeams. This is probably the only season I feel so called 'chic', with: black boots, oversized coat and scarf. I don't really play with layers, but I would like to learn, but for now I'll just keep it simple and concentrate more on fixing my poor skin.