goodbye two thousand and twelve.

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I'm trying to write, but no words comes out. In short, this year started out promising, and well, that's where I would want to go back if I could. But somewhere along the line of August it went down hill, and all I can say is that the only good thing these last couple of months has been having Phoebe around.
I will not look back at this year, I won't even look forward, I will take today as it comes and make the best of it.
And one more thing: An Instagrammer I follow reveled that she doesn't do New Years Resolutions but put themes for each year, like "Love" and "Happiness". I thought that was so original and so smart, and just what I need for this coming year. So I thought long and hard at this - what would my life benefit from more? And I realize I've neglected my dreams these past years; I'm not the person I want to be or who I thought I was. It's not that I'm not proud, but I just feel I can do so much more if I stop being afraid. I miss my seventeen year old me, the naive one, the make-things-happen-no-matter-what-other-says-one. And yes, also, the social one. So the theme for 2013 will be "Ambition" with the Nike's slogan "Just Do It". This is what I constantly lack of, yet at the same time got buried deep inside of me.
I wish you all a Happy New Year! See you in January!


OPI Goldeneye & Å blazer
I always give myself a gift for Christmas, and this year I went for the OPI Bondettes Mini 4 Piece Collection which was one of my twelve wishes this year. Here I'm wearing "Goldeneye", a little bit in-a-hurry-painted, I believe a third layer would've sealed the deal. I think this is one of my favorite colors, though, as much as I wished I had gone with the full size, I know I won't use up the mini size any time soon. It's only for festive days like these I will paint this on.

the gift that keeps on giving all year.

 Christmas gifts pt. 1
It hit me that I don't give Peter a lot of room for him to be spontanious when it comes to gifts. But honestly, he has himself to blame, he always talks about that it's better to give/get something you really want than wasting money on other. So I gave him a wishlist, though told him that of all these things I would really be happier with a subscribtion at Glossybox. At the same time I did emphasize that it would be like giving me a gift every month - win-win I say.
From my mom I got body butter from Korres, which is much needed in all this winter-dryness, and it smells like summer - can't wait! And there's more... Unfortunately the second package from my mom didn't reach me in time before driving up to Sundsvall, but we're going down there around Thursday to see if it has come.
Hope you all had at least a decent Christmas! Take care.

happy endings.

Phoebe and me, wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
I take it that you guys won't check any blogs around the holidays. And you shouldn't. You've probably got friends and family gathered that you only see around this time of year, the only right thing to do is to spend some time with them. I remeber Christmas as something lovely but the more I think about it, I remember there was much yelling and crying. So don't get the stress take over you, and just remeber, nobody cares, it's all about having it cozy, not perfekt. This will probably be my last post, not because of Domesday, but because I'd like to have a computer-free holiday. Maybe something will slip between days, until then I hope you all have a happy ending to this year!

yes to tomatoes.

Yes to Tomatoes Acne 3-Step System
This is one thing that was in the package from my mom that I can show you. I was originally after the repairing lotion, which I couldn't find on the market except in the US. So I asked a dear friend who lives there and who was swinging by Sweden soon to buy me two of these. Though she couldn't find the lotion alone, so she bought two of these kits cointaing the lotion plus two other full size products in the same range. Fine by me, that's even better actually. It says you'll start seeing improvements in just 7 days... we'll see about that!


old pic
Right now I have nothing to share - must keep some for next year. Days flow by, tomorrows Domesday, on Monday Christmas, New Years, birthdays and you know. We move on. I didn't mean it to sound so depressing, I'm actually for once happy for the future. There's always something special to look forward to. But don't forget the Now. Now I'm getting ready for a walk into the dark cold weather to pick up my Christmas present from mom. The bad thing: I already know what she got me. The good thing: I got everything I wanted. I'll show you what after the holidays though!
PS I was wondering if I should keep on writing about beauty and go all in for next year, or do you miss me writing about fashion, design and houses? Do you miss Frivolous Magazine? More pictures of me? More posts? Less posts? Please help me make this blog better for next year! - warmest regards

wishful outfit.

1. BACK Yoke Collar Blouse 2. ASOS Rib Boyfriend Beanie 3. Lindex pants 4. Marie Turnor The Picnic clutch 5. Gianvito Rossi pumps
I saw these pumps in a newsletter and just knew I wanted to build an outfit around these. I wanted to see if I could dress it down a bit. I'm not the best in doing that, I see many try but fail (but they think it looks awesome... sigh) - lesson learned: some things are just not made to be casual. For some reason I take inspiration from the likes of Elin Kling and other bloggers who nails the casual-yet-chic-look. I don't know about you, but this feels like something she would wear and how. I love a good shirt, and this one from BACK is simple yet interesting. And what wouldn't be more special than a leather clutch in the form of a picnic bag? There's one in silver if you like flashy stuff. And because of the winter I felt like throwing in a beanie in a vibrant color, matching the shoes.

expensive enjoyments.

Emma S. Moisturising Facial Mist & EOS Organic Lip Balm
No matter the price a facial mist will always be something luxurious to have. It is possible to be without, but if you like to treat yourself an unnecessary enjoyment that will somehow add good to your skin, I would go for a facial mist. They fascinates me, how we can convince ourselves that we truly are in desperate need of some spray. I wanted to try it out, see what's the deal, and I found this one with 20% and said why not. I like it, it's both refreshing and relaxing. How about the hydration, I can't say anything for sure, except the obvious: it feels nice to spray your face with scented water. I will try others in the future, but I wouldn't see big difference in my skin without it.
The lip balm, which in my opinion is overly priced, I'm impressed by. I like the packaging, but it's too clumsy to have in your purse. It fits good though in our bathroom cabinet which was our first thought anyway. Stevia is one of the ingredients which makes it taste sweet, that's good for kissing but not so much in staying put. This goes also under the title of "Expensive Enjoyments" that makes it not necessarily qualified for a comeback but will do for now.


Monki sweater (old) & Ugg boots
Funny how I found these boots ug(g)ly once, and now I'm so glad having them; I try taking care of them so they will last me sevral winters to come. But so this is me in a daily basis nowadays - of course with a pair of pants on.

cleansing balm.

Emma Hardie
Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm
I got this sample in my latest order from Beautybay. I have never heard of this brand before, so I was glad to be introduced to something new. At first, words like "lift" and "sculpt" made me think I should probably give it to my mom, but after two tries I was hooked. I've also never cleansed my face with a balm, so that was kind of unusal for me, and it takes some time getting used to. It is so gentle and calming, it's like getting a mini spa/facial; you really see the glow in your face afterwards. I do recommend getting the Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Dual Action professional Cleansing Cloths which compliments and are really necessary for taking the cleanser off. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how good it is at taking off make up 'cause I always begin with a salicylic acid-wash and then go for a more gentle one. But I wouldn't say it's no good, especially if you use it with a muslin cloth, it should really exfoliate and cleanse your skin and take off all of your make up and impurities. I'm really impressed by this cleanser, it also can be used as a rescue balm: put it on dry elbows or knees, and even/or as a lip balm. I also use it as a soothing and hydrating mask. And a little goes a long way!
Can't wait to try the rest of the Emma Hardie range. I will probably buy the full size as a birthday gift for my mom instead (already got her Christmas gift covered - which she already have opened!), and hold on to this little bottle.

12 days of christmas.

(Clickable pictures coming up tomorrow)
1. Glossybox 2. Best of Korres 3. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Kit
4. Bumble & Bumble Stylist Edition Set 5. Too Faced Brush Set 6. Urban Decay Naked Palette
7. Emma Hardie Essentials 8. BareMinerals Spark A Trend Palette 9. Cowshed Dirty Cow Hand Care Caddy Gift Set
10. Clarisonic Mia 11. This Works Shimmer Balm Gold Beauty Ball 12. OPI Bondettes Mini 4 Piece Collection
Because my interest in clothes and fashion is in its all time low right now my wishlist is instead filled with beauty products. Most of all I would want a subscription on Glossybox, that would somewhat feed my hunger for products samples even after Christmas is over. I don't expect getting more than two things from this list, but I'm hoping to have collected most of the products at the end of next year. Ok, maybe too hopeful, 'cause there's another list of products waiting to get ticked off. Clothes wise... the only thing I want is anything from For Love & Lemons Morocco Collection, but give me the maxi dress or Sahara Top and I will be gladly satisfied for ever.
So how 'bout you, what's your wishes for Christmas? Anything in my list you wouldn't say no to?

right now.

Currently watching... YouTube Channels
 I stopped a few years ago, I don't know why, but now I'm into it again. I mainly watch beauty vlogs, and while watching them I always get psyched to make vlogs again. The problem is that I don't like my voice very much. Also, I would want to do them in English, but my accent is so Swenglish I just want to put a bag over my head. The third problem is that I've got like speaking dyslexia, my sentences are not always grammatically right, and I always make up words. Hard to give an example but many have pointed it out to me. So yeah, maybe I will do a list of YouTubers I follow.
Totally obsessed of... beauty products
 Yes, I'm still obsessive about beauty products, and my list of the stuff I want and want to try is longer than what I can count on with my fingers and toes. Every week I find a new brand who I think will be the solution or esthetically matching to my lifestyle. I mean: I judge products like I do with a book. Right now brands like Korres, Jurlique, bareEssentials and Bumble & Bumble stands high on my list.
Wishing... I could buy Peter the Christmas gift he always wanted
This situation sucks. I have the money, but at the same time it's irresponsible to waste them when not having a job. I would ask his father if we could split on the price, but that doesn't take away that the most responsible thing to do is to either buy him a cheaper gift or wait for better days with a regular income.
Very disappointing... acne skin kits
So far I'm really confused and sad that the brands I really thought would work didn't do anything for me. I'm not going to go in much detail 'cause a more in-depth review will be coming up in January. All I can say is that I'm cursed and doomed for now.
Newly can't-live-without-tool... The Tangle Teezer
 It's amazing how I've never heard of it before. All those mornings and night and before showering and after, now it goes so smoothly! The quality of my hair has changed for the better, and I'm thinking of buying the pocket/travel sized one and the water-resistant one. And while at it I wouldn't have a problem trying out Michel Mercier's version that has a handle.
 Wrote this in a post not so long ago. Nothing has changed, I'm still abusing it.

santa red.

O.P.I Christmas Collection 2009 - Dear Santa
This is what I wore to the Christmas party, and also the only thing I wear on my nails around this time of the year. It's very beautiful but gives out too much of a Christmas-y vibe for it to be worn any other season of the year. Unfortunately O.P.I doesn't sell it anymore, but if you're looking after something like it I recommend checking out O.P.I's Skyfall collection, "The Spy Who Loved Me" is very much alike if not the exact same color. For New Years Eve I wanted to paint my nails in "Goldeneye", but I see it's sold out everywhere in the stores. Luckly O.P.I is cheaper online, and I'm very into the "OPI Skyfall The Bondettes Mini", and right now Bath&Unwind has this: buy two mini packs get the other one for half price. Maybe I will take that offer...

lovers path.

The weekend was spent here in Hudik instead of Sundsvall, because we had the Christmas party to go to. It was nice to go out, get free food and entertainment. Obviously, I'm pretty shy, so there wasn't much talking going on, but I wouldn't mind going next year either. The only thing that was unpleasant was my dizziness, which the doctor can't yet understand. The next day delivered sun, so we took it to our advantage and went out for a winter walk around the lake, checking out stores, and later ended with a Chai Latte in our hands at Wayne's which we have never done since they came to town a year ago. Haha, I remember when it was clear Wayne's Coffee were going to open in Hudik, I was like "At last a real coffee chain that doesn't close before 18:00!" But with no job and no money to spend on expensive fika, we never took the initiative to go there.

last time I saw the sun.

Oh, these days, can't even remember the last time I felt the sun on my face. I miss it unbelievably much.


1. UO BDG Thermal Top  2. Topshop Aztec Fairisle Hat 3. ASOS Cable Knit Boot Socks 4. AA Baby Thermal Legging
Winter is not a fashion season. You've probably noticed the lack of wishful outfits and fashion editorials on this blog; maybe you miss them, maybe you don't. I've told you this before, I don't dress up on winter. I just can't. I'm really jealous of you who barely get an inch snow and the temperature consists of nothing below 5°C. Right now I'm stuck at home, it has been pouring snow all day long. And they haven't shoveled the snow, so if I step out I will probably have snow almost to my knees. So all I can think of is thermals and warmer degrees.

november skies.

Abusing this song.

the third time's the charm.

DinSko boots
A lot of shoes on the blog right now, but this will be the last ones for now. So I went to return the heels and spot these classical leather boots - which I've been eying for three months now - and surprisingly they were on sale with 25% off! It felt like it was meant to be, so without questioning I took these beauties home. They fit with everything and are exactly the kind of high heeled boots I needed!


OBH Nordica Curling Iron 32mm & Tigi Masterpiece Hairspray
Right now: trying out some hairstyles for Saturday. I don't do my hair very often mostly because I don't have to and the second reason is because my hair doesn't do as it's told. I mean, every time I try to curl my hair I'm left disappointed. I've tried many hairsprays in my life, but it seems that only a hairdresser can make my curls hold for more than 1 hour! Also, it's only a hairdresser that can curl my hair with a flatiron, I've tried and tried and tried and my hair has always gone straight instead. So with that I kind of stopped playing with my hair, which is probably good for it anyways.

black friday buys.

bareMinerals brush cleaner & Too Faced Kabuki Brush

Got a package with what I bought on Black Friday. I really needed a new powder brush for my mineral foundation that I started using. So I researched and the Too Faced brushes came on top of the lists over best makeup brushes. Some say they are too soft, but I wouldn't complain on something that calls itself for being made of "Teddy Bear Hair". I went for the retractable kabuki brush for its multipurpose and I travel a lot so I like that I can just throw it into my makeup bag without worrying about messing it up. Also while at it I got the bareMinerals quick change brush cleaner. I already have one from MAC but it's in Stockholm, and I needed something to use in between shampooing. I know, no big spending on Black Friday, but these were the essentials I really had to have and the brush was more expensive than I was ready to give for a brush, but with the discount it all worked out. I'm happy to say the least.


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You who follows me probably noticed my new friend, but for you who don't here's Phoebe who I'm babysitting while they are renovating my mom's apartment. I've even given her own hashtag: #phoebeinnorrland .
 She hates traveling, which is not good when we every weekend go to Sundsvall. She mostly sleeps, and raves and night. She's spoiled. And makes weird sound when you make sneezing sound. Maybe I'll film the last one, it's pretty cute.