turned me around.

H&M hat | Cheap Monday top | Åhléns pants (similar) | ICA Maxi shoes | Vintage belt | selfmade necklace (similar) | Estée Lauder Rich Red lipstick | Chanel Mimosa nail polish
One of my favorite outfit-combos; it's comfortable, somewhat dressed, but has a hidden feature that makes this androgynous-look a little bit sexy (and more me). Don't know if you missed my videos or not, but It's been a while since I posted one, so here you go:

this is how it's going to be.

I don't know how we got here, but August flew by faster than February. And I'm suddenly feeling that I'm pass my deadline on the magazine and if I'll sit down with it this whole day I will probably make it, but it won't be that amazing issue I planned it to be. Almost considering to come out with a magazine every other month, but that's just laziness talking, soon I will push it to every three months... And all I wanna do right now is play The Sims... Can't promise anything, either it will come out a little late or it will merge into two months, what I can promise is that it's going to have a killer cover! It's probably my favorite so far. Going back to work now.

mbfw sthlm s/s 13 - day two.

Moving on to the second day where we get to see more bright colors. Already we can snap up that we're going to see lots of pinks, baby blues and orange. It shows that my all time favorite from yesterday was Dagmar - I want that printed maxi skirt when it comes out! Also J.Lindeberg came out with some spring/summer must-haves. But other than getting introduced to some green metallic pants it's all seems promising.
 Maria Nordström
Diana Orving
Cheap Monday
The Local Firm

mbfw sthlm s/s 13 - day one.

Looking through images of the first shows from yesterdays MBFW STHLM and can't really decide a favorite. It feels like I'm looking at another F/W show. It's like, if we had a very pastel-ly s/s this year then we're going for a much darker next year. Though pastels and white occurs like a must, most of the collections are much darker than their past ones. Or what do you think?
 Carin Wester
Ida Sjöstedt
Nhu Duong
Filippa K Woman

#18 rouge noir.

Wearing Chanel Mimosa Le Vernis from the Summer 2011 bought on sale
My fall is saved! First thought was to save it for my Christmas list, but with a nearly outdated discount I thought that Christmas could come early this year. This will probably be my first and last time I'll ever by such a expensive nail polish, but oh, who can resist a cult classic? Also, feeling a close connection for my lucky number is eighteen.


ph1 ph2
Since Saturday I've took the train down to Stockholm just because it was time to visit mom and our cats - one of which has gotten cancer and won't live for much longer. I've also gotten a caffeine overdose, not the kind where you drink ten cups of coffee but the kind you drink in a multivitamin shake. You can say my body got a real shocker, I thought I was going to die. Other than that, I think I'm ok and I do not recommend FitLine.

want it.

REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask
I got three periods in my life: the interor-period, the fashion-period and the beauty-period. And right now I'm all about beauty products! I've got a long list on beauty brands to try and REN stands somewhere on the top of that list. This little thing has been awarded as one of the best beauty buys, and even though it's more suited for mature skin it says to work well on post-acne scarring, blemishes, blackheads and sun-damaged skin. And I'm happy to try anything that will reduce my acne.

playa azul.

emily didonato6 Emily DiDonato by Gianluca Santoro in Playa Azul for Fashion Gone Rogueemily didonato7 Emily DiDonato by Gianluca Santoro in Playa Azul for Fashion Gone Rogueemily didonato9 Emily DiDonato by Gianluca Santoro in Playa Azul for Fashion Gone Rogueemily didonato8 Emily DiDonato by Gianluca Santoro in Playa Azul for Fashion Gone Rogueemily didonato4 Emily DiDonato by Gianluca Santoro in Playa Azul for Fashion Gone Rogueemily didonato3 Emily DiDonato by Gianluca Santoro in Playa Azul for Fashion Gone Rogue
Photographer/Stylist: Gianluca Santoro
If there's one model I want to switch body/face with it's Emily DiDonato. I've had a super crush since the Giorgio Armani's fragrance Acqua Di Gioia-commercial. To me she's the ultimate beauty.

the fall.

The plan was to embrace black in different fabrics, but after seeing this I suddenly got hit by how cozy and wonderful the autumn is.
I mean, I want to copy this outfit so bad; I want to look like a tree in the fall, with the palette: orange, yellow and bordeaux. The black I will leave for winter..

keeping up with the balance.

It began on Sunday. Since then everything has kept on spinning harder and harder. Today is the first day I don't feel dizzy or have a light headache, but by experience these last few days it can come out of the blue and suddenly your head feel heavy and a bit too close to the keyboard. People say I should go to the doctor, but my attitude to doctors is more of: why pay someone to Google it when I can do it for free? Yes, it will be my death someday. I have a few ideas on what it could be, but in short I'm just having a cold where my balance nerve is seemingly being attacked. Though getting mixed reviews about it, some say it's not dangerous and some say the rehabilitation can in some cases take a year, and if you've once been attacked you will forever keep being attacked whenever you get sick. So lucky me..
Trying to meditate a strong mind (= strong body) to overcome this virus, also trying to not sit still for too long, I want my balance back in order fast. But if this lasts more than a week I will consider going to the doctors, 'cause I feel that playing find the toilette is only for drunk people and shouldn't be played in the day. Until then I'll be popping those vitamin pills like no tomorrow!

the new addict.

Except for being directed by Jonas Åkerlund, this video hasn't changed my mind about Daphne. But hey, 11M can't be wrong or can they?

black floral.

Coming home with the package - which had the surprising equal delivery time as if it was shipped from Sweden - I was blushing of happiness according to my boyfriend. He also said that if a package would make me this happy he would consider giving me one each and every day. Though that would ruin him...

rainbow oranges.

via minkpink
Thinking about making these that I found on MINKPINK's blog. For the original recipe click here.

want it.

Topshop Skinny Polo Crop Top
I've been eyeing polo crop tops since I tried one at American Apparel. I want them in in all kinds of colors and prints, but I will start with the basics. I like this one from topshop for it doesn't have such a high neck, but if you're looking for alternatives to the AA ('cause face it, 30€ is a bit expencive for a piece of crop top) then ASOS* delivers good alternatives, and right now Urbanoutfitters has a sale on their version.
*use: EXTRA10 to get 10% off

missoni x lindex.

Because of my interior design-interest Missoni pops up in the form of blankets and pillows, and occasionally I will yearn for a 300 dollar zig-zagged printed bikini. I was actually hoping for a H&M Home and Missoni Home collaboration, but in the meantime this will do too. I have my eyes set on a simple top, but what are your thought on the collaboration?
PS anyone who knows the name of the model? There's something Angelina-like about her. And those cat eyes(!), that's how I want my make-up this fall to be.

the water tower house.

via desiretoinspire
Where do I live? Oh you see that water tower over there, that's where I live . Ok, maybe not my dream home, but pretty cool huh?

orange peel.


NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser SPF30
Most sunscreens makes me breakout, so after reading all the reviews I wanted to try it out. I had a friend from the US import it because the color I wanted quickly sold out at ASOS. It's a bit gambling ordering make-up you haven't tried on your face yet, but Alaska seemed like the color that would suit anyone (probably the reason it just vanished). I've been a fan of Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer, and comparing these two I would say that both are equally good. Both are in the same price range, but because NARS is a bit hard to find in Sweden I will continue with LM when this one comes to an end.


Bistro chair, IKEA Lill curtains, Iitalla Kastehelmi candleholder
IKEA recently came out with their new catalogue which revolves around the life at home, how easy it is to make it homey without it having to cost so much. The focus is on textiles and the function it fills our homes and lives. They made a survey about curtains where they found out that 95% of the average Swede has curtains somewhere in their home, and only 10% thinks it's not modern or it doesn't fit in with their style. I've been that ten pro cent until now. I still have much to learn, playing it safe with sheer whites, though in the future I hope to be adding more prints and colors.

beautiful forehead.

H&M Dress (old)
With all this hair I should wear it up more often. At this stage I'm going through a fringe-struggle; keep or not to keep. My boyfriend likes me better without it and I on the other hand thinks that big foreheads should be hidden... (I'm sorry if I offended anyone). Though I once met a guy on the subway who said I got a beautiful forehead; it's the weirdest compliment I've ever gotten and the same guy tried to fix me up with his younger brother when he heard how old I was. I've been in some strange situations I tell you.

wishful outfit.

1. T by Alexander Wang Polo Sweater 2. Lindex Bracelets 3. Weekday 'Monsieur Cornelis Petite Ring
Silver' 4. Cheap Monday Metal Bag 5. House of Harlow 1960 Bernadette Cutout Booties 6. Rag & Bone Jeans

maybe it's an intuition.

Believing in intuition or plain luck right now; just made the right choice in the right time. This gives me a little hope for the future, that everything will work out fine, when things are ready things will flow. Though, getting back to reality and knowing that I'm glad I used a discount on a garment*, this all seem to be stretching it a little bit.

*I was waiting for the dollar to drop (nerdy me), but then it went up again, so I went for my back-up plan, a 10% discount. Though the discount made the price fall under $100 which made it no longer free delivery, so I would only save myself about a dollar, but hey, cheaper is cheaper. But somehow the price fell just about under a hundred, and I don't know if they rounded it off, or just ignored the discount. The thing is that if I wouldn't have waited for the dollar it would not have been so close to a hundred, and there was I chance I wouldn't even use the reduction. Anyway, I'm happy it worked out in mysterious ways, got it a lot cheaper than I thought I would, it's just to be happy and shut up.

rumi's crib.

the coveteur
She's the one I've been following the longest of all the bloggers. I don't remember how I found her, but I know I started reading her blog very early in her blogging, and it's been a fun journey following her fashion style evolve over the course of the years. I still got her early outfit-photos saved on my external hard drive (oh suddenly I feel stalker-lights blinking around my head) in a folder called "Treasure Chest" just like her vintage store. And to sound more creepy… or I'll just stop right there. Howsoever, she's one of my biggest fashion inspiration and I would love to have her comfy shoe collection - wouldn't you?


Filippa K for Rörstrand plates & IKEA Henny Väv bedding
Lately I haven't really been showing my graphic-side in the shape of prints, instead I've been avoiding it. But that side of me is slowly finding it's way out again and it couldn't help itself falling in love with these beautiful and simple side plates and duvet cover. The print on the plates reminded me of a sand dollar. I don't think that's what Filippa K had in mind when designing them, but growing up with African inspired decor* I felt an instant have-to-have.

*Mom had a friend who lived in Côte d'Ivoire for three years - her husband's a lawyer and was sent to work there - while coming back to Sweden she always brought a lot of sea shells, African masques and traditional statues that she gave away or sold.

oh the view.

FINNE Architects
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 Trying mentally make things seem like I'm the queen of the world. I'm pretty much ruled by weather, if you haven't figured that out yet, and nobody knows how deeply disappointed I am with this years Swedish summer; I'm still waiting for it to start. Also that my boyfriend is the worst when coming to the discussion of going somewhere. I have a place of which I'm dreaming of, It's a place I haven't heard anyone go to yet, and if I ever manage to persuade Peter to book tickets I will tell you all about it. Until then you will have to suffer like I do on the thoughts of never getting to know this place of my dreams.

black boots.


My shoe collection isn't much of a collection, so if someone knocked on my door with a package with one of these in it I would be more than happy putting them up on my shoe rack.

lady red.

Åhléns blazer, vintage top & H&M jumpsuit worn as shorts
Very into red right this moment. Unfortunately this is my only red thing that's in my wardrobe, though I'm planning on getting some red skinny jeans (as I've blogged about before). I was eying this blazer in late spring and lucky me I found it later on summer sale. Without blinking I bought it and even put it on right there in the store. The color is much deeper than in the pictures and I've had many heads turn as I walk buy; feeling kind of like a red stop light.


 via desiretoinspire
Now and then I come by pictures of homes where a voice inside of me screams, "Hello Dream House #183423746523746!" Yes, I've seen a lot of places where I would want to live. And even though every house is different there's the same minimalistic structure to them. Maybe it's because I grew up in a house of chaos and lots of stuff, that I tend to go for this sort of living. I don't think you need much in your livingspace, just some quality furniture and big windows outlooking a beautiful surrounding.

tree slices.

devis purdy house backyarddevis purdy house stairs living roomdevis purdy house kitchendevis purdy house stairsdevis purdy house eva portraitdevis purdy house outside family portraitdevis purdy house backyard gardendevis purdy house outside
Not often do I see this way of using color on a house. To be honest I'm kind of allergic to the whole "wall scene"-thingy that's going on in swedish homes- and later when they sell the home for 2 MSEK they don't have the curtesay to prime paint the wall. Ok, feeling like I come off a bit, now were where I? Yes, yellow walls on the outside, which continous inside, I like. It suits this house very nice and gives it some personality. Though what I love the most is the outside, the garden. I feel like doing a copycat of the tree slices on gravel. I think it would fit very nicely to our cottage in the forest.
If you want more pictures and read more about the house, click here.


Yesterday: sunny day, feeling inspiration-less, restless, bored with a cup of "I-don't-know-what-to-do-or-what-I'm-supposed-to-do"-PMS. Today: rainy day, but feeling the total opposite.
It's funny how mood swings can control your mind, I honestly must tell you that yesterday I found myself in such a numb state that I just went back to bed around 2 o'clock; I had such a difficult time to think of something to do. Though today is a different story... Baked my very first taco pie for lunch that turned out to be delicious. After that I've been glued in front of InDesign working on new ideas for the next issue of Frivolous Magazine, which I feel excitement for.


In this photo:
Wilfa Water Kettle
Sometimes I feel it's hard just to write something, like I over think until I'm lost for words and that makes for many unwritten blog posts. However, yesterday we got a water kettle, and I can't believe we waited a year and a half to buy one. Even though boiling water in a pot isn't difficult it's just not that thing that you are bothered to do in the morning. So now I'm back to my Stockholm-ritual: a cup of coffee, the first thing when waking up.

summer, please stay.

Planet Blue lookbook via studded hearts

color blocking.

(Vintage silk shirt, American Apparel skirt, Åhléns purse)
It's time for another Friday, I'm in love-outfit. My mom got this silk shirt and of course I had to have it; two sizes too big doesn't stop me. I matched the shirt with my beloved cobalt blue skirt creating a color block, and then adding this green purse I felt very colorful yet stylish. I also want to add that I'm in a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Mariel shoes which does not show in the pictures but are too beautiful and comfortable to not to mention.

the leopard slipper.

This torn out page is from last years issue of STYLEBY, and it shows you that some things never go out of style - or it shows that every season it's the same thing over and over again. One thing that caught my eye the most and made me wanna save this collage was the leopard slippers from Topshop. They just seem to make a simple outfit so much more. I wished for Topshop to make these again for this year, though I found the same (if not the identical) slippers made by Zara.

frivolous magazine #3

getting fall ready.

1. L'Agence silk shirt 2. Helmut Lang skinny jeans 3. Equipment silk shirt 4. Vionnet pants 5. Alexander Wang sunglasses 6. Lindex purse
7. Zara shoes (expired)
Don't really have an ulterior motive with this collage other than this is what I rather be wearing this fall. I'm not really an accessory-person, I usually stick to the same things until I've worn them out or they break. That's why I need them to be either bold or very classic and suit what ever clothing I put on.
Silk shirts are on my radar right now. The ones I have are vintage and actually my mom's and often two sizes too big, but I like the over sized look. And I've just now started liking basic suit pants, though it means I have to expand my shoe collection and add some uncomfortable high heel sandals for I don't think flats suit the pants. But I'm open for suggestions.

slow it down.

Last Sunday when we got to Hudik we went straight to the beach at Maln. Though there were clouds in the sky they had the opacity of 39%, so it was still warm enough to sunbathe and take a dip. I really love Maln, it's such a beautiful beach that it feels like you're abroad, not believing a place like this exists in Sweden - especially not up north. Best summer investment would be our beach chairs and this towel from H&M Home that I bought last year on sale.