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1. Concrete wall
2. Colorful vase
3. Metal pockets
4. Handmade bookshelf
5. Lockers
6. Mirror frames

golden grape.

Just came back from lunch with P and now I'm sitting here in the sun and browsing the swedish ELLE Interior and drinking Tropicana juice. If you haven't realized it yet, I'm a Tropicana addict.

One thing I miss when I'm with P is coffee, this boy don't have coffee at home because he gets his dose at work. I'm no addict, but I have a routine back home, where the first thing I do in the morning is to brew a cup of coffee.
Anyway, after lunch we finally drank some coffee and sat us in the sun.

beach and flowers.

meor (by tomtrevorrow90)
ph1 inspirart, ph2 letsbehappy

Not much is happening here, so I'll be boring and post some beautiful pictures instead. :)


While I went up north my new bedside table arrived!
So mom went and got it and send me this picture!
It's so lovely! :D

my second home.

Finally at P's apartment!
Missed his warm lips and his Tom Dixon <3

And I hope it's still snowing in sthlm, 'cause here it's sunny and warm :)

if you run.

going the distance.

ph1 via iloveyoursoul

Going away for a week visiting P. Yes, it's time to fall in love again.

We saw "Going The Distance" with Drew Barrymore yesterday - probably the funniest movie I've seen in a while! And the soundtrack <3.
I kind of saw P and me in the movie; same arguments, same problems.
It's always, "you don't have a job so it's easier for you to move" and "What says I don't have a life here? Why can't you move to sthlm?!"
At least P don't live on the other side of the planet, it's just 2 and a half hour away with train.

Though I've settled with our problems. Right now we have to respect that neither of us wants to move.
And I'm fine with that actually. Of course, I we want to be near each other like all the other couples.
But this can work too, just as good, maybe even better.

Gotta finish packing, train leaves in one hour!

this is a bathroom.


cobalt blue and raspberry sorbet.

Saturday, when I said I was going to spend some money, I came home with this.
Mom bought me a grey Marimekko bowl, so I thought I'd buy her one :)
Then I'm trying out the all-so-talked-about Philosophy 3-in-1 product.
Though I got a little disappointed, read all the reviews, but most of them didn't smell nice at all!
It must be the store's fault, having old bottles on display, they should know that they have to refreash now and then.
I came home with a Raspberry Sorbet because it was the only one smelling somewhat nice.

come home to me baby.

via desiretoinspire

Haven't really thought about it until now, but my first real paycheck goes to a piece of plastic!
My first fake paycheck went to a piece of plastic too, a couple of red Wayfarer Ray-Ban.

Anyhoo, just called the webshop to change my order from a 2 sections to 3 sections, I should've listened to my mom who said the 2-s. was to small. I think I've just fallen into the cheap-trap, where I look at the price more than what I really want and need.
Now I will just have to wait for my money to come back and place a new order, after that it's final!

love ring.

Just sold my bedside table! And I think I'm donating my books to Myrorna (charity).

Other than that I'm yearning for this ring by Natalia Gomensoro.
You can buy it here.

stupid me.

Elettra Miganni

Oh I always put myself in these situations and I always get the worst anxiety ever.

Ordered the Componibili 2 sections, right after paying and all I totally regret it.
I should've gone with the 3 sections.
fuck. fuck. fuck.
And I can't call the site to change the order until Monday :/ I hate waiting, I just want to fix it now.



Haha so cute, can watch it a thousand times!

Yesterday mom and I did some spring cleaning in the balcony, you still can't sit and read a book there, but it's "in progress".
Today I'm gonna take it easy and maybe spend some money, buy that kartell I wrote about. I haven't sold the bedside table yet, but I can't wait. And if you're intersted contact me here.

Have a nice Saturday!

color pop.

Sidsel Z

Found this Norwegian Interior Designer called Sidsel Zachariassen.
And I love the way she decorates in some of her work; that color pop makes it interesting. :)
Thinking about getting a colorful water tap!

casa del sol.

via desiretoinspire

Luxury villas on the island Kho Tao, Thailand.

dior + kate moss + jonas åkerlund = true.


I keep on waking up earlier and earlier... today the watch was 05:43.
But that's not what I want to write about.

On my whiteboard I always write how much money I have on my account.
But after living on my savings in a few months I didn't like the numbers going down.
So I set up a realistic goal, and put an extra zero behind one letter.
A few months later (today)... I don't know how, but I've overcome that goal! :D
So I'm just so happy today, I'm still unemployed but I'm not poor!

And then I get the news that I'm on the front side of blogg.se!
This day just keeps on getting better!

fiction/feng shui.

Went by the library today and came home with these.
Just got the feeling for reading, there's nothing better than to get lost in a book.

it's sad how your life can fit into a couple of boxes.

google magazine.

Just read that Google has gone out with it's own online magazine, Think Quartely.
I'm no huge fan of business, but I'm a fan of graphic design, and this magazine is just stunning.
I get an orgazm just by looking at the page index!
Of course I will try to read it too...

old out, new in.

I've noticed that time goes a bit too fast for my brain to handle... Things a week ago seems like yesterday.
Had the worst mood swings ever that lasted days, and now I'm all better seeing life from a different light.

It must be the change I'm going through.
Mom wants to move, the schools in sthlm doesn't offer me what I want, so I will have to move too, I'm saying goodbye to things I've had for ages...
Haha I found a buyer to my bureau (bedside table still exist!) and I'm getting all emotional cleaning it out to never seeing it again.
I'm like, "We had a great time these five-six couple of years, but I sadly have to let you go. You have a new owner now and she will probably take as good care of you as I have."
It saddens me just to write this, and it saddens me that the bureau will be separated from the bedside table... ok I know exectly how I sound but I can't help it... you would too if you were in my position and didn't have a replacement bureau!

Yes, and that's the other thing, I've bought moving boxes to have somewhere to put all my clothes in for now, until I find a replacement.
Silly me haven't even looked for one. But I know I've wanted to sell this bureau and bedside table ages ago. It's not my style anymore, it doesn't go with the black bookshelf I got.

Before this turns in to a novel I will stop.
And I hope I'm not too whiny?
Have great Thursday, I will go back to cleaning now... * cough * and of course looking for jobs!

anthony's rose garden.

via Bella185

Reminds me of Candy Candy.

i want to live as if i was moving tomorrow.

Third day feeling down...
A big part of me just want to throw stuff away and make room for something new, but then I realize that I don't have afford to buy something new...

But I keep on throwing.
Everyday something goes down in the garbage.
I'm just sick of all the stuff I have, that I save, that I don't use.
I want a tsunami to hit this apartment so I can start new.

I want to live as if I was moving tomorrow.
Minimalistic and neat.
I want things to match.
I hate this chaos, I want to throw it out the window.





Spring is around the corner and it's time to clean out all the garbage on your balcony!
Last year mom and I were going to do a make-over in our balcony, but that did not happen...
But THIS YEAR it's bound to happen! 'Cause I've said so!

I'm actually against the whole ikea/svensson type of decorating, where all the furniture comes from one store... But you can't really argue with IKEA, they have cheap stuff and nice inspiration.
Trall and Läckö will make it to our balcony.


Today I'm going to the Opera for the first time!
Though my mom's sick and has a cough...  so I'm not sure there will be a first time.
In worst case, I'm going alone!
'Cause finding a friend who likes opera and who can jump in just two hours away would be really lucky!

oh cheap misery.

Yesterday was a fine day for IKEA, came home with new white bedsheets and a vase (not on pic).
But later that day I got a sudden mood swing, P did all the best he could to make it worse - in other words, he failed.

Somehow I thought finding a job would be easier than I've experienced. I don't know why I thought that? Probably because I was naive, stubborn and a bit too optimistic. Well, I see my hope running away with the sand in my hands...
I don't wanna go back to school just yet, but I don't see a choice.

My plan was simple, get a job, and by the end of next summer I should've saved enough money for a new computer and laptop for mom, and maybe a small vacation to Maldives...

Instead... I've got "Loser" all over my forehead. Yesterday it struck me that:
Maldives will have to wait... that iMac and Macbook pro will have to wait... that String bookcase will have to wait... that own apartment will have to wait... those presents for mom and P will have to wait... taking my friends out and buying them coffee/lunch/drinks will have to wait...
Oh I hate being this cheap.

PS I did not know when I saved this book (on the pic) from going into the trash it would get so popular in the blog sphere?! (I've worked extra at a book factory, and sometimes they get overflow with books and throw the excessive ones away.)

2 o'clock. weridos. and movies.

Came home 2 o'clock yesterday which is unusually late for me in all ways.
And I always get reminded of how I hate riding the train about that hour. Though this time it went really great, not too much drunks, mostly tired couples just wanting to get home into their own beds.
Sometimes the safest place is on the train... the scariest part is getting of the train and walk the 150 meters home.

Last summer I got home late around 23-ish, and on my way home I got stopped by some guy. Silly me thought he wanted to ask for direction, but what he wanted was my number. It got really intense when I said no a number of times, and he wouldn't let me get his instead. It ended with me running in the wrong direction to a friends place, who luckily was home and was just about to watch Hot Tub Time Machine with a friend ^^
Later they walked me home.

Before that incident I never really was afraid coming home late. I gladly took the subway/night bus home without problems. But since that night I've become much more paranoid.

Haha now I've told you this long story without telling you why I came home that late!
Well, movie night with friends! No alcohol, just plain chocolate brownie (that my friend Sofia made) and nacho chips!
We watched the movies we got from our goodie bag when we worked at Stockholm's Film Festival.
And that's it... Well, this post got a bit too long...


I wrote a month back how in love I was with the new perfume by Marc Jacobs, and now I've finally got them both!
Love the bottle, love the smell, love the feeling on my skin...

nylon march issue.


Love this.
Need to buy.

organizing the bookcase.

i'm lost in the light of our love.

damn that girl is beautiful.


roll n' mix.

via dezeen

Love this idea by designer Marcial Ahsayane!
It's an oil bottle and a pestle and combined it makes a rolling pin!

circle the holiday you need.

universal wrapping paperuniversal wrapping paperuniversal wrapping paper
David Airey

This made wrapping presents much more fun!

do you remember.

Do you remember one day in October?
Do you remember when the grass was still green?
Do you remember the sun shining warm?
Do you remember the trees still had leafs?

Do you remember waking up to a cup of coffee?
Do you remember browsing through magazines?

Do you remember dreams of the future?
Do you remember waiting for the unknown to happen?

the whitepod resort.

Apropos hotels...
Found this resort in Switzerland called The Whitepod Resort where you can actually live on a mountain in a igloo-look-a-like. Very cool if you ask me!

Though of course expensive, starting somewhere at $430 (~ 2 780 kr) a night.
But if you like snow and skiing, this is something to save to your next semester!


the cyclotrope.

"The cyclotrope is a cycle of 18 images that is spun at a certan speed so that the frame rate of the camera filming it gives the illusion of animation."


the ace hotel.

Douglas Lyle Thompson

With my interest for interior design comes an urge to travel the world and stay on uniquely decorated hotels.
This is the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and it got this vintage feel to it. In other words: Me LIKE!

For more pictures visit here.


via annaleenas hem

Don't know if I've said that P's bought a apartment and that we're renovating it?
Well, we are and now you know.
And I thought that I could show you our moodboard in the future, what inspires us and so on. :)

j'ai un nouvel amour.

via Bella 185

A few years ago I went crazy for vibrant and colorful style, I still kind of do... but, I don't know if it's maturity or an escape from my younger years playing fondly with colors.
Suddenly I feel drawn to grays, browns, subtle and very earthy colors.

It doesn't only show in my taste of interior design, but also in fashion. I used play with neon pink lips and a royal blue dress, now I'm going for the more natural and sandy.
My 80's is over...

sore and depressed.


I got sick and depressed and everything at once yesterday. Still a sore throat, but this is the first day in two days ina row that I got some sleep!
The last two days has been weird, I've been sleepy, said good night and all, but while lying in bed I can't manage to fall asleep. So I've been stuck in tired/wake-state in four hours until I finally went away to dream land.
Though, today the doves woke me up... those damn doves...

this is how you handle guests who steal cups from you with style.

tea set by Jason Lee


iris hantverk.

the young and the youth.

Ghaa miss P so much...

Anyhoo, P's father went to Gran Canaria and got me this from Tax Free.
Haha I never seem to grow up, and I hope Clarins will keep me looking young!

one weekend in sthlm.

My feet are killing me, my mind wants to repeat everything; so much to do so little time.

Everyone asks for a picture of P, but that will probably take a few months, and when you'll get to see him it will not be in a picture but in real life.
Haha we are not the average couple who like to take pictures - the photographing I do, I do on random stuff.
But maybe it's got to do with my fright of judgment... I don't like people to get a picture of someone from a picture (e.g ID). I don't think it's fair.

So what did P and I do this weekend?
Well, I showed him sthlm in three days!
That includes Old Town, Inner City, Södermalm and a part of Östermalm.

We also went to the Retrofair that was held in Münchenbryggeriet, though it was a BIG dissapointment to us.
I will probably skip that fair in the future and rather go to the Antique Fair.
They took 100 kr for entry, and don't forget it took like 20 minutes to even get in because of the huge line!
And when you finally paid the entry it was not much to see... also, it was c r o w d e d.
I actually want my 100 back!

Other than the fair we had a great time and stayed at a hotel. Hotel breakfasts is ftw!

erotic shortfilm.

tea time.


via engineeringdreams

P is finally for once coming down to sthlm to visit me!
And it's going to be so much fun!

Though because he has allergys for cats, he's gonna live at a hotel just to be sure if my cats now trigger his nose to swell up or something...
If I'm not blogging this weekend you know what I'm up to...


Came across this apparel company called Nau while reading blogs, and it's not often I like everything in store, but this one time I really do.

I've gone to a grey era where I want simplicity in life, no clutter, no cheap fabrics, I just want it clean and simple and long lasting.
And this company is somewhat like that!

Like the pad stash, makes me wish I had an iPad, but I wouldn't have my credit card in there, don't wanna lose too much if you know what I mean?
And the fluent brief that makes me wish I had a mac and that I went back to school.

It's all lovely, sadly though it's all expencive too :/

cat trap.

I want to show you my personal cat trap!
Catches small as big dumb cats who can't figure out what's out and what's in...

componibili by kartell.

ph1 craig wall, ph2 interiors-porn

I've been eying this side table for quite some time now. And when I manage to sell the one I've got now and my bureau I'm gonna buy this one!

So please if you live in Stockholm or know someone who lives here and is in need of a bedside table and bureau, have them contact me!


OBS! Adult content!

productive day.

mq :]

Feels as if I've had trapped energy inside of me, that's just waiting to be released.
Well, that kind of sums up my day, been very productive today!

I've made pictures of the books, but most of my time went to directing P how to fix the rest of the blog. So now everything is done :)
Pictures of the books and more I'm selling will be posted tomorrow.
Have a good night's sleep now!

never time for everything.


I'm in the mood for Chai, it was a long time ago.

Since I've come home I've done nothing but clean and throw things in the trash.
Though nothing has really changed... I need to throw more.

I also want to throw away/sell some books I'm sure I'm never gonna read again...
Anyone looking for the Twilight books? I've got 1&2 in Swedish and 3&4 in English.
Let's say 5 kr each, just for the show?

Maybe I should do a better ad? With pictures and stuff? Maybe later, don't have time right now...
And also, I've got Gossip Girl 1-4 in English, anyone interested?!

Well, I'll leave it for now, gotta get dressed and take a walk to the drugstore...

going home.

Jeliza Rose

So now I've lived two hole weeks with P.
It's gone up and down, and this whole experience has been healthy for us.
We've get to know each others limits and gotten even more comfortable with each other.

A part of me wish to stay here forever, another can't wait to get back to mom, cats, friends and well Stockholm.
If only P lived a subway station away...

vive la france.

kor water.


I never thought a hydration vessel could be good looking until I saw Kor's water vessels!
And I'm in the need of a new water bottle...

secret stash.

dancing in the green grass.

Julia van IJken

New menu up!
Though it's not all adjusted yet, P and I will probably finishing applying the menu to all sides (category/archive sides) tomorrow, but this will do for now.
Hope you like it :)

what the fax.

taj sunset.

escada fragrance

Even if I'm crazy about eau so fresh I'm also totally into Escadas new limited edition summer fragrance!
And I'm not alone, even P can't stop smelling it :)
So I've decided to smell like pink clouds in the spring and then smell like a fruit cocktail in the summer.
Yes, that smells good.


Remember the Fish Hotel?
Well same designer banged his head with another (so I've understand?) and made a matching side table, Condolisa Table.
And I gotta say: Me Likie!

ducks and cats.

This spring weather just won't stop! And I LOVE it :D

I really miss being around animals, and when I met this cat on my way home from lunch I just melted. It was big, furry and kind. I also met another exactly like it except the other one was short haired, but same color, same size and eyes, and cuddly personality.
The only cuddly animal in P's apartment must be the tiger plushie, and the Me to You teddy I gave him as a valentines day present. Other than that P is like a Golden Retrivier...


QuaDror from Dror on Vimeo.

waiting for summer... dresses.

salad of my life

Mom called me and told me it's minus degrees and cloudy in sthlm, but here in north it's +4°c and sunny.
After lunch P and I stood in the sun and watched the ducks biting each other, it was really fascinating (haha honestly!), but then P had to go to work again.
But a walk around the lake later is definitely on the list!

Starting to miss home, miss my cats and my mom and... well, I miss a lot of things, but other than my cats and my mom, I need money for and that will take a while.

I think it's a bit sad that without money, you're creativity streak stands still. Feels like I'm missing out on so much... But I try to work with what I've got.
Soon I've saved enough for a new computer, after that, creativity can flow!

Well, I'm gonna put the loundry for drying, clean the house from dust and then make some dinner (on the menu: warm sandwiches)

Have a good day!