3:45 and I'm still on a roll.

Meet my best friend.
Ok, not my bed, my other best friend, my suitcase!

I'm packing 'cause I'm going up to P again, and after a hell of a week (seriously, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong) I'm glad to go somewhere safe.
If P and I can manage to not do other stuff... my new manu bar will probably be up at the end of this week!
We are mostly done, just have to adjust it to perfection...

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

coming soon.

P is working on my menu, and it's pretty done.
Soon I will have a new manu! :)
And you who follows me on twitter knows the progress...

choice notes.

Obsessing about this song.
Heard a bit on the new Hyundai commercial for ix20 and got hooked.

Right now my blog is a bit fucked... I told P to before he does any changes to look at which blog he's on. -.-
As it looks, he didn't listen...
Well, when he's done, I will finally have my menu bar as I always wanted and people can stop complaining about it being too far down - but that's the price if you want 820 pix pictures.

what you don't know can't slow my tempo.

via inbetweendreams

Haven't been active in a while now, but it's starting to itch in my fingers.
Words. Words. Words.
They wanna come out.
But what to write about?

It's different now...

Before my words become meanings I want to fix this site.
So you have to have patience, but I'm gonna start again.