coming soon.

I made the mistake to paint my nails before going to P, stupid me..

I've been here now a whole week, probably the longest I've ever been, and I'm staying one more week.
Yes, I'm trying on the "Sambo"-life (live with your partner-life?) as we call it in Sweden.
It's easier than I thought, but it would be even better if I had a part-time job. 'Cause now I'm just sitting and... I don't know to where the time flow to be honest.

We're pretty done with my new menu, and I hope to update it before the end of this week :)

rear view.

I'm thinking the same as one who commented this video: What if they noticed the camera and were just trying to figure out "Why´╗┐ the fuck is there a camera on this woman's ass?"

catherine malandrino. S/S 2010.

What's this? Oh just some things I'll never wear...

i'm in love w/ eau so fresh.

I smell like making innocent love on soft spring grass under pink clouds, with a warm wind of flower petals, and kisses that taste like sweet fruit salad.

another day. inhale. exhale.

ph1 theodoras, ph2 Jaci Sue, ph3 emma.c

- Menu not done yet. I'm bad at promising stuff, but I hope the new menu bar will be up soon.
- Got a temporary job that's making me afraid of working. I'm a phobic who gets traumatized by little things - Like when I tried to go to Uni and I fell fast in stress and depression, now I think that studying is bad for me. It's the same with work. I've only had bad and hard working jobs, so earning money for me is no fun. I'm actually not interested in money, I just wanna do something, something I would enjoy and others too. I wanna create joy.
- Uh most days I just wanna crawl into bed and not exist. Though even my bed has become my enemy, bad dreams and no easy way to fall asleep. So I turn to ice-cream for comfort, but it's cold and fattening, but it will do for now...