kiefer technic showroom.

get low.
ph1 ph2

The filmfestival is going... And I'm meeting new people and old.
I'm having it kind of fun, but it's still hard for me to get up in the mornings.
And I miss PC so damn much.
And he's got this important time craving project going on, so either way he wouldn't have time for me...

So it's just trying to enjoy the festival and stay away from my bed.
Though next week I'm probably going back to him, I wish I could go now... but no can do.

when i wake up in the morning.

pau l a a p aricio

Unlucky me.
I came back.

Though 27 hours was not enough it was perfekt.

jesus walk with me.

good morning beautiful.

Things I looked forward to didn't get as fun as I wanted them to be.
So I'm packing my weekend-bag I bought when I was nine (who would have thought that I would need it for something so beautiful as this) and going away to my love for the weekend.
I'm looking forward to this. This will be the first time we'll see each other since the summer.

There's a 99% chance that I'll never come back.