i need a dollar.

Like the intro to "How To Make It In America"

you know you've fallen in love with yourself when you can't take your eyes off the mirror.

Things I put on my face every single morning +night, from left-to-right: Drugstore "Försvarets Hudsalva" (for my very try lips), Clinique anti-blemish solution foundation, Drugstore moisturizer on prescription, Clinique airbrush concealer, Laura Mercier mega moisturizer SPF15, Drugstore Propysal moisturizer on prescription, Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
Not on picture: Laura Mercier Face Polish

Actually, this post should be named: "How to survive desert dry skin when going through acne treatment." But the current title is very true too...

Yesterday I went to Åhléns City to find a concealer, 'cause I'm kind of tired of my dark circles around my eyes (they are really dark, even when I'm "uppy" it looks like someone's beaten me up with their fists) and my blemishes.
I've tried both MAC's and Lancome's concealer, both are really good, but not great for my circles.
I've tried the expensive Estee Lauder's many swears on (not that f*ing good in my opinion), the more or less cheap at Make Up Store (that must have been the worse), Dior, H&M... I can go on forever.

Well, I wanted to try something new and something that won't make my circles look green instead, something that really makes me look as if I had one hundred years of sleep!

I thought about trying Smashbox's concealers, especially "Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer" - it sounds as if it covers like a mask, and that's what I'm looking for!
But after reading the reviews on Sephora (I always do this with all products before I buy them) I wasn't totally sure... And all the critics sounded logical for being a "Camera Ready" concealer - it only stays on until the photoshoot is done, so what do you espect?

Well so I asked my mom, after she finished her work, if she wanted to help me find the perfect concealer. (But knowing my mom... we won't get out of there with just a concealer.)
When we got to the store we looked around and of course I pointed, "Tried. Tried. Tried..."
My mom then pointed at Kanebo. They are expensive, and my mom loves their moisturizer, "So why not?" I thought.

A woman came up and asked if we wanted some help, I told her about our search for the best concealer.
I tried the Kanebo concealer... but it really did not do it for me. It looked just like all the others, "Fine" was the word.
So we asked her what brand would she recommend for my (really) dark circles. She said that I needed something more creamy and covering, so she recommended Clinique who was just beside us.

I must say, I was a bit skeptical towards Clinique. My mom thinks it's a really good brand, but every Clinique foundation sample I've gotten and tested has failed on my face completely! Though I like their blushes, I usually just walk past them.

But there I was at the Clinique's counter, and a new girl came to our rescue to help us further on our quest.
She asked me what I wanted to cover, then she put me on the make-up chair and I let her paint my face.
Knowing that Clinique actually has like an "Acne-kit" I told her about my problems with my acne treatment and how it has affected my skin making it really dry.
She told me that she would then let me test a hydrating cream that absorbs really fast, and it's just like drinking water, only for your face.
When she then began to put on the foundation I was really interested to see if this one would fail as all the others...

When she was done, I looked at my mom who looked at me with this, "I-have-never-seen-you-so-awake-in-my-life!"-kind-of-look. Which must have meant that this girl had nailed it.
I looked at myself in the mirror, sure, I looked awake... But there was something, but maybe it was just me and the lighting.
"Only because I think I look fat doesn't mean everyone else sees that", I trusted my mom when she said that I looked awake. And I couldn't deny that the color was a perfect match (I haven't had a perfect match in ages!) and it barely felt like I had any make-up on.
We bought all three products (foundation, concealer and moisturizer).

I later found a mirror in another lighting and it was then I could really see the difference, I looked as if I wasn't born with koala-eyes!

The Clinique-girl also told me that they have a cream that takes away acne scars, and that I should try it before I go under the laser - that really made my day!
'Cause, there's no denying that I will be having some acne scars left after my treatment is done.
Though I don't remember what the cream was called...

i think your sunglasses are melting?

Opening Ceremony


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five songs on repeat.

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1) Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

2) The Go! Team – Huddle Formation

3) The xx – VCR

4) Moby – Find My Baby

5) Nuuro – Avila - Original


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gucci ss 2010 campaign.

The pictures came out awesome, and that chair is to-die-for!

vintage fair.

Yesterday I was at a Vintage Fair, and I found this lovely silver ring with a Goldstone.
It's a bit too big for my fingers, so when ever I'm in Poland I will fix it for a reasonable price.
But after reading about Goldstone I'm on a hunt after a blue Goldstone, it looks like the night sky.

architecture and interior design.


I don't watch A Place In The Sun just to dream off to sunny places, I'm mad about real estates and interior design!

tumblr likes.

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in the fields of color you'll find the sun.

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The weather is everything but spring-like, but that won't put me down.
In my head it's summer and it's hot, and I'm dancing to my new favorite song Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix), the one I heard in Adidas Original women's collection lookbook.

adidas originals - women's collection lookbook.

This is probably my favorite of all lookbooks this season. Love the high heels in 1:16.

I've started jogging and it's going great. Okay, I can't jog for five minutes straight, but then again I haven't tried that yet. And for jogging up the hill of hell I surely should manage jogging for five minutes straight and probably more.

My goal is Tjejmilen.
Gonna buy a Nike+ sensor and some cool running clothes, that'll keep me motivated.
Game on.

you may not be here, but you still have the same effect on me as the sun has on a ice-cream.

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it would help if we spoke the same language.

It feels like you're saying, "I'm not the problem, it's you."
When you tell me my faults: You care too much; You make things bigger than they seem; You over analyze things.
I can't be wrong 10 out of 10 times, in that case, it's not me, it's you.
You who always are right, you who tells me I'm always wrong.
Well, I'm not gonna stand there anymore and agree, "I'm the one with a problem."
It takes two to tango, so we both are the ones with a problem.
I care too much, and you don't give a fuck.
You make me sound like a bad person for caring? If I'm such a annoying person, why do you still talk to me?
The only reason why I still let you into my life is because I don't wanna go through the rest of this period thinking every time I see or hear something funny, "Oh, this he would like, I gotta tell him when I get home."
I've already gone through that a lot of times, and it's been some of the most horrible times in my life.
I just need to get some self respect around you and tell you you're not perfect and sometimes you also lack of logic and most of all empathy.
But I don't wanna argue anymore and I don't wanna adjust, I just wanna be me and you be you.
Can that work? Is it possible?
Can we both agree upon that we both are wrong and we both are right?
Or is it a theoretical question?

please don't go.

This is so breathtakingly beautiful that it's scary.
Watch it in full-screen and enjoy.

the tv theme medley.

This guy is from Gävle, Sweden. Incredible.

falling over backwards for you.

My search is over. I'm in love. I've found the one. I am Flowerbomb.

forever is a long time.

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do you do that too?

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I'm destroying something beautiful with my thoughts.
I don't know if I'm happy or sad that it works?
But I'm not surprised.

I tend to push people away.
All I need is something small, and make it big.

I keep telling myself:
it's gonna feel a bit empty for some time,
but I'll get over it.
It's for the best.


the xx.

Taking a break from homeworks, by posing to music in front of the webcam. (Maybe I should try on Chatroulette? haha) (I'm actually a chatroulette virgin, because I know it's a very... very... very dark place.)

I love these shoes, but I always buy shoes I never walk in. They just lay there in the shoe shelf, and from time to time I put them on and walk around in the apartment. It's pretty sad.
And posting these pictures just makes me a bit hypocrite. I mean, yes I read fashion blog (just scroll down and you'll find a link to a list of all the ones I follow), but I am the total opposite of a fashion trend setter. I don't do fashion.
I just like the pictures.

I'm not that person yearning for those Acne boots, I wouldn't even if I had the money. The reality is that I very rarely shop for clothes (not my passion).
I dress mostly in blacks - 4/5 of my wardrobe consists of black clothes!
I actually used to be a very colorful girl, who dared to match turquoise jeans to red ankle boots. Oh yes... those were the times...

I'm not getting anywhere with this text so I'll just end it with saying: that skirt is my nightgown.

fashiontoast favorites.

Fashion Toast

inside i was screaming.

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You were my summer sun
and now you're the awful cold winter night.
I should have known, I always knew, and now I'm heartbroken.
I'm happy for you, I really am.
Though a part of me, the one that fell, feels as if we can't be friends.
I want you to be happy, and I know you wouldn't be that with me.
I've always questioned why we still hang out; why are you always there in a text, why are you always sending me those humorous emails, why do we always talk and act like something more?
I misread you, it's my fault, I always think too much and over analyze stuff.
You know this, more than anyone else.
That's the thing, we know each other in and out, we could sit a day and talk about each others faults.
You know what I'm gonna say and do, and I know what you're gonna think and do.
I don't get why you wanna be with me? We're so totally different.
Sometimes it feels like you're using me,
but then you give back and those thoughts just disappear.

It hurts now, but I'm gonna be fine.
I hope the best of luck, you really deserve it.
I'm just a broken selfish person.

Only time can heal and tell if we'll still be friends.

this will destroy you.

big fish.

In a fraction of a second.

And just like that I lost you.

urban outfitters nail polish.

source: Not Tonight Darling, I'm Washing My Hair

Wonderful colours from Urban Outfitters, in stores mid April.

the ring.

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I've got that exact same ring she's wearing (the big one to the left).
I was just out on a walk and for the first time in months I could wear a little lighter jacket!
Next week I'll try going out for a jog in the forest.
Right now though, I'm eating pancakes and listening to julia's playlist magnetic.

the fall.

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Sometimes I wish 2012 happens, it would be a great excuse not to jump.
In many ways I don't want people to think that I've given up, because that's not what I'm doing.
I'm just trying out a new answer to my problems.
It's stupid to say it's weak when you don't even know what happens after death? It's as much of a solution to problems as dealing with it or running away from it.
But why worry about life if you're not gonna survive it anyway?
I could jump and end it now, or wait as I've done since I was six years old.
The only thing keeping me here is that I've grown fond of this place, it's become the only safe place and the only thing I know. It's become home.

I fall.
Into the snow.
It's so quiet, only the sound of birds twittering and the cold breeze in the trees.
I've never felt so alive.

It's the thing, I'm just lying there. I'm not trying to be better than I am, I'm not trying do good in a test, I'm not trying to finish things to secure my future, I'm not trying anything. I'm just there, being. I am.
For the first time in months I can hear and feel my heart beating.
I've felt so dead.

I get my act up and walk home.

"Why were you so depressed in school today?"
He's been trying to reach me since I got home from school, but I didn't want to bother him with my personal problems. And in the past he's never been much for comfort.
I tell him what happened.
"The thing is, if I do everything and finish high school, what's out there for me? I have no idea what I wanna do or what I wanna be."
Then he said, "To not know does not mean it doesn't exist."
In some strange way that sentence changed my sad eyes and gave them hope.
I did not expect this to come out of him, I misjudged him.

I'm really lucky to have the friends I have.
But I'm the perfect example that it doesn't matter, where you come from, who you are, or how well you got it in life, we all are just the same.
So don't judge me or anyone else.
We are humans, not robots.

i want to jump.

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Since I got home I've been bawling my eyes out, burying my face into my pillow and hiding myself under my bed sheet.
I felt the need to talk to someone, so I turned to one of my friends who I thought could comfort me.
"I can't comment on that, but you surely got a few options when you get out of high school."
Like McDonald's maybe? I fell asleep in tears.

One hour later I woke up feeling fine. All I found left of me was my mascara on my sheets.
I lay there another hour or so, trying to disappear.
I've got no one to comfort me because everyone has the same problems, carrying around the same heavy shit.
I wake up and meet my mom in the living room, she asks, "How was the test?"
"I did not go."
"Why? What are you gonna do now?" She says angrily.
"It wouldn't matter if I went and did it or not, I would either way fail. I can't juggle five subjects at once!"
I regret ever coming out of my room.
Instead of thinking of me, she just yells the same fucking thing that I already know that made me crawl into my bed in the first place.
I storm out of the apartment.

I'm looking after a high place to jump from; a high bridge with a busy highway under it would be great.

what do we call them?

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take me out of space.

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School project: DONE!
You don't know how relieved I am.
I do not have any pictures on my book, but bare a month with me... or two. I just need to relax from it and catch up with all other stuff I've fallen behind with.

I wasn't in the mood for Graphic Design, so I just sat there and did nothing the rest of the day in school.
Well... I made these pictures.

And I want you all watch these guys from my school http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWZGQq3Lz5E
This is the best thing that's happened since that Gaga-video!

moving units.


Sorry for posting so much videos and pictures the last weeks. This school projects took about all my free time.
And it's not even done yet, and it should be finish today around twelve.

Warming up to some electro by Diplo.
Diplo – 200 (Spotifylink)

Gotta get dressed and run!
Ha det vackert!


no piano lessons, merton is self-taught.

bizarre love triangle.

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Uh, need to finish my short story that I've worked on so hard...
But today I just wanna lie in bed and stare at the ceiling.

Okay, back to work...


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Thank you God.

I'm a computerfobic, and I often tend to overdramatize when something goes wrong with my computer.
And yesterday my friend wanted to share some photos with me and she sent me a exe-file.
My Mac-friends always warn me for those files, and from the history with my friend I knew something was wrong.
Pictures are not programs.
I know my friend means well, and she would never send me viruses or anything, and I know she just wanted to send me a slideshow, but my computer often acts weird when I open her files.

I should have listened to my gut feeling, but I listened to another friend who said nothings gonna happen.
I know through the years that when it comes to my computer, I should listen to my intuition.
So it kind of my fault.

You're guessing right if you guessed my computer got fucked up.
But with a little praying, I got it off.
And I can't be more thankful!

It's not easy living with computerfobia, not in this day and age.
Luckily I have my guy friends who are computer geeks who help me <3
What would I do without them?

he makes me feel like dancing.

the mirror.

chanel SS2010.



things that got lost in the sand.




So cool.
Makes me almost wanna go and buy a terrestrial globe and paint it.

[ingenting] - dina händer är fulla av blommor.

[ingenting] - dina händer är fulla av blommor from nadazipp on Vimeo.

a sexual education.

“for death begins with life's first breath and life begins at touch of death” ~ john oxenham

In a fraction of a second.

The night to Friday someone I knew died.

I'm not good with death, or maybe I'm better then the rest.
But I never now how to react.
I'm probably always a bit disrespectful, thinking about my own personal problems like, "Well, did you at least get to ask if they wanted to join us to bless the food on easter?"
I didn't actually ask my mom that, but I needed to hold myself from asking that.

Though, if you ask me, Yes, I am sad.
She wasn't a close friend to me or my mom, but we knew her and we knew about her disease, we knew she would not hold on much longer.
I've only met her very few times in my life, and last time was about five years ago. But in some way she got into my mind; I thought about her a lot. I even wanted to visit her before it was too late.
And now it is.

When someone dies you think of the things you could do.
I never cry at funerals, because I think it's disrespectful, it's enough to show you care by being there.
On the other hand, I think it's good that I never got to see her in her weakest. I think she even likes it that way better.
She probably wants me to have that better memory of her that I have. And so do I.

be conscious of your own surroundings.

In a fraction of a second.

I'm not gonna tell you a story that "I personally don't smoke but it looks good in pictures"...

Smoke out of someones mouth and a stick between their fingers is hot... 'till you smell the breath of cancer, and the consequences and the habbit is just stupid.

If you can smoke without feeling the urge to smoke every break you have, and if you are aware of that you don't just hurt your own lungs but also everyone around you, then that's even hotter.

things on my mind.


- I heart every single picture in this post.
- I need these glasses.
- I love my new nail polish. (picture later)
- Why don't I have a "Fancy Friday"?

teal my heart.

A bit inspired by this, and the irony of me wearing a teal-colored nail polish.

reality sucks sometimes.

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I told my teacher, "I'm going now."
My teacher then says, "I wish I could do that too."

Difference is that he has students that needs help, and I'm not one of them.
Am I gonna just sit there and do nothing for two hours, when I can be home working on things that really need to be done?

He gave me absence.
It's worth it.

aa lookbook.

help i'm alive.

my morning sky.

U2 – Beautiful Day

© All rights belong to me.

Listening of course also to my playlist morning sky.

Been having strange nightmares lately; the stress is eating me alive.
It has come to that point were it's all or nothing.
I said to my mom:
"Something has to stop exist, it's me or the endless stress."

That's exactly how I feel.
Me or the endless pressure.

a whole new world.

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
that now I'm in a whole new world with you

Yesterday I saw Aladdin for the first time in over ten years.
Brought so many childhood memories.

In fact, I actually had Aladdin on VHS in English! Didn't really understand what they were saying, but I really loved this movie. So watching it now, I even find it funnier!
My mom explained why we had it in English (when even she doesn't understand English), evidently she bought a pirate-copy, Aladdin hadn't yet come out in Sweden at that time.

And I noticed one other thing.
If James Cameron got inspired by Pocahontas to do Avatar, then he really got inspired by Aladdin when he wrote Titanic! Trust me, watch Aladdin and you'll see for yourself...

curry up don't be late.

To begin to write a short story about love isn't the easiest thing in the world.
So I'm gonna drag myself out in the cold with a pen and a paper and start writing the best love story that's gonna be in my book of short stories.
It's for my school project, and it is to be done 18th of March... I know, I'm such a last minute person...

screw spring, i want summer n o w.

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roses can hurt your eyes.

I so love taking pictures of flowers, and most of all roses.
They are so breathtakingly beautiful.

teal the cows come home.


Suddenly I got a huge yearn for these glasses, but I'm not sure they'll fit me.

Today, because of my acne products and the winter my skin is flaking and is dryer than the Sahara desert, I went and bought a very expensive mega moisturizer by Laura Mercier.
I tested some before and it makes wonders to really dry skin!

Also, I jumped on the vintage-green bandwagon... I so hate myself right now.
Next month I'll go my own way and buy "Pearl of Wisdom" from the OPI Hong Kong collection and... one I don't remember the name of... It's gold/brown/nude/neutral, think it's gonna be perfect for summer.

Don't be a dead fish, don't go with the flow!

natural blues.

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stay in bed.

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Even though I went to bed early, I still were too tired to get out of the bed.
Today I'm going to IKEA.

hotel art.

Source: Hotel Philosophy

home is where your heart is.

Yesterday I changed my room so it felt more like "spring".
It's so beautiful now that I don't even wanna sleep in my bed, I'm so afraid I - or my cat - will mess it up.
My cat is actually not allowed to sleep on my duvet cover anymore.

a day in the life of new york city, in miniature.


Shop DressesShop New UnderwearShop Bags
Shop New DressesShop New InView Floral CollectionShop Floral CollectionMen's Renewal SweatshirtsNew BagsShop Valentine's DayNew Year New Season New InShop New InShop Something ElseShop H By Hudson ShoesShop Cameras
Urban Outfitter's newsmail.

Things I wanted to post a long time ago.
I'm not marketing for Urban Outfitters (though I like UO), I just wanted to show you what an appealing layout from a graphic designer's point of view.

PS The links works. If you'd like to shop for cameras, just click it!


by Corey Lee Draws

i saw an owl.

via fashioncity

I've never in my life seen a big wild owl in the forest... until now.
It must be the most exhilarating experience I have ever been through.

To see something that looks like a big scary cat with wings and beak looking down at you, with its big alert eyes, it's the most thrilling thing. Especially when you have never seen anything like it before, never this big.

I hope to one day see it again.
So fascinating and scary at the same time.

we are almost there.

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Spring, come out, we know you're out there... somewhere... hiding.

double exposure.

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macaron shop.

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I've never actually tried one? Time to do so.

movie time: Morgan M. Morgansen’s Date With Destiny.

when life is at its best.


I start my day with snoozing two hours.
Then I roll up my window blind and look for the sun.
I turn on my computer and go to the kitchen to turn on the water boiler.
I make my delicious coffee that I'm addicted to (and you would too if you ever got to taste it).
I drink my coffee by the computer screen, listening to my morning sky., checking my emails, FB, update my twitter, and if I find something interesting I post it on my blog.
After an hour or so I make breakfast, whatever I can find in the home. (That includes cake!)
Mostly, I eat in front of the TV watching Seinfeld.

Then I go and wash my face, brush my teeth and freshen up.
I try to study intensively for three hours with some breaks in between.
After that I make another coffee, eat lunch, and start to clean the house.
The clock should strike 12-13 by now. I will either exercise, take a walk, meet up a friend or maybe go to town to visit my mom at her work.

Or I just spend the rest of my day daydreaming.


Sky from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

the row.

jason schwartzman + kirsten dunst.

maxidress + oriental earings = summer outfit.

Photos: sannaknows