this year has been a blur/let's do a recap.

1. Did you do anything this year you've never done before?
2. Have you held any of your new years resolutions? 5/9, that's good?
3. Did any of your friends become parents this year? Nope
4. Did someone close to you die? Yes, my cousin and a friend of mom's.
5. Which countries/cities did you visit?: Didn't go abroad this year (but I will change that!) though I visited Sundsvall and Hudiksvall this year. Other than that, didn't leave home much..
6. Is there anything you miss 2010 that you would wanna have 2011? Of course, but this year has been good on it's own.
7. What date will you remember from 2010? Oh, I don't remember dates, I barely know what date it is today? (Seriously, had to remind myself) Every day has been special in its own way...
8. What was your greatest success 2010? I don't do successes, I'm always awesome.
9. Biggest misstake? Read above ^
10. Have you been sick or hurt yourself? Yes, was a near death experience kind of.
11. Best buy? Everything.
12. What did you spend your money most on? Drugs and therapy
13. Did something really make you happy?: Always.
14. Which song will most remind you of 2010? I have a playlist on my iPod that's called "naked on the balcony." - all of those song in there will remind me of the summer and of this year.
15. Were you happier this year than last year? Don't know? Probably the same, maybe even worse?
16. What do you wish you would have done more? It doesn't feel like it's been room for more things...
What do you wish you would have done less? ... or less.
18. How did you spend your Christmas? With my mom and friends and later with my boyfriend and met his dad for the first time.
20. Favorite TV show?: Like everything canal six?
21. Best book you read this year? Stephanie Plum-series
22. Biggest musical talent found this year?: Marina and The Diamonds
24. Something you wished for and got on your birthday? Don't remember my birthday?
Something you wished but did not get? I always get what I wish for.
26. What did you do on your birthday? Don't know.
27. Is there anything that would have made this year even better? No. Those who say yes didn't live in now. This year was perfect, and I have this perfect day to live through.
28. How would you describe your style 2010? That one that makes guys stare and the girls talk? I have no idea, I'm just self-centered and paranoid.
29. What made you feel good? The ordinary, looking out the window...
30. Who did you miss? Bella <3
31. New people you've met? that must be my boyfriend, otherwise I've been very not social this year. And yeah also many Twitter and DailyBooth-people <3


How was the year 2010 for you?
helt okej
Better than last year? Think I answered this question already?
Did you make any new friends? Yes.
Anything you will never forget? Many things...
Have you found a new song you like? Well, found out that Malibu Rum has its own radio station and good remixes on its website.
In that case, what song? Major Lazer Summer Mix
Have you been drinking alkohol? Yes
Have you been smoking? Yes (haha had to think about it but I've been smoking hookah)

Have you kissed a stranger? No


How was your love life 2010? Better than in nineteen years :P
Have you been in love? No infatuation, it's been a growing love.
Have you said "I love you" to someone? Many times
Have someone said "I love you" to you? Many times
Have you had sex anytime this year? No
Have you had a secret relationship this year? Haha kind of...


Have you done anything you regret? Nhaaaa. B/c of my phobias I would say yes, but everything turned out great so :)
In that case what? Many things.
Have you embarrassed yourself? There's a reason why thay call me "Fail Issa"...
Have you lied to a friend? I never lie, I just ignore to tell them.
Have you been out a whole night? Yeessss DOS times...
Have you been arrested by the police? I'm a good girl (A)


Have you met any new friends? mm
Have you lost a friend? Kind of...
Have you lied to your best friend? Nope
Do you have many guy friends? More of them than girls

Maurizio Di Iorio

total lunar eclipse time lapse 2010. dec. 21.

Gif Total Lunar Eclipse Time Lapse 2010 Dec 21